A Heavy Purse (TG AP Sequence)

Simon noticed the abandoned purse on his train ride home from school. He considered himself a pretty good person in general, but the new Call of Duty just came out and he needed money to buy it. He waited until just before his stop to grab the purse and sling it over his shoulder. He had no idea how rich he was about to become, or the price he was about to pay for his incoming wealth. The other passengers on the train were speechless, wondering if they were watching some magic trick or social experiment, as the confused Simon flailed about the train cars in confusion. Still, it didn’t take long for him to embrace his new life as the true owner of the purse. 

Sarah flicked her hair back and tightened her purse against her chest as the train started moving again, smirking at the handsome passengers looking at her. She wished she had time to mess around with the normal folks of the city, but as the CEO of one of the biggest firms in the country, she barely had time to get her tanning sessions in. Plus, she could always just hire someone to satisfy her needs…

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