Number Swap (TG AP Sequence)

Andy had always been a bit of a prankster, much to the dismay of his older sister. Today he’d decided to spoof her phone number and text her boyfriend. He didn’t know how serious their relationship had gotten recently, but he just wanted to mess with him and his older sister. It started off innocent enough; stupid questions, weird memes, and trying to find out embarrassing¬†details about his sister from her boyfriend. Then, the messages started getting intense, seductive, and sexual. Andy didn’t know how to react at first, but for whatever reason, the universe decided to correct itself today and make sure those messages were received by the right person.¬†

Amy couldn’t wait for her boyfriend to come over. She was wet and horny just from reading them. She already had her favorite lingerie that her boyfriend had gotten her for Valentine’s Day, and it was time to motivate him a little more. One more sexy selfie like this would be more than enough to get him over to her house and under her bedsheets.

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