The Perfect Match (TG AP)

Connor was lying in his bedroom, scrolling through the endless feeds of his socials as the sounds of whatever video game his little brother was playing in the living room echoed faintly throughout the house. He had gotten stuck babysitting Josh for the weekend while his parents were out of town, much to his dismay. …

Joy Ride (TG AP)

“Wow, your mom’s new car is so cool!” Jeff exclaimed from the driver’s seat as he gripped the wheel and pushed various buttons. Eric watched from the passenger seat as his friend explored the new vehicle with a grin. The boys were tempted to take the car out for a spin while Eric’s mom was …

Secret Valentine (TG AP)

“Hah! Is Jake trying to fake having a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?” Luke laughed as he picked up the rose lying on his older brother’s bed. He knew his older brother didn’t have a girlfriend, but never understood why he was so desperate for one. The naive boy was barely old enough to start feeling …

The Silver Necklace (TG AP)

“Daddy, daddy! Look what I found!” Matt yelled as he ran down the supermarket aisle towards his father. The kid waved his arms excitedly, pointing to a new silver necklace around his neck. “It was just lying on the shelf in the cereal section!” “Oh, buddy, that probably belongs to someone. We should take it …

Lady of the House (TG AP Sequence)

Inspired by a certain 8ft tall mommy from a recent horror game. Video on my Twitter LadyDownload

A Christmas Miracle (TG AP Pregnant Sequence)

Something a little more wholesome…but still with pinups at the end 😉 Vid on my Twit

Foreign Blessing (TG AP RC Sequence)

Niqabs are so hot. Video on my Twitter Foreign-BlessingDownload