Giving Thanks (TG AP RC Comic)

Yes, I know the history of Thanksgiving is nothing like the happy, upbeat stories taught in school. I’m just not that interested in being historically accurate in my fetish comics. PDF VersionDownload

Henshin Gardens (Geisha TG AP RC Paycomic Preview)

Dillon won a trip to Japan and is visiting the famous Henshin Gardens when he feels a powerful attraction to the place. His tour guide, Kimiko, notices this as well and brings him to the mystical temple within the garden. Little does he know that the gardens have a magical, transformative way of finding new …

Taco Tuesday (Latina MILF TG AP RC Comic) – Paycomic Preview

My longest comic yet, coming in at 50 pages! Scott is eating dinner at his friend’s house for the first time, despite not liking Mexican food. His friend, Miguel, recently lost his mother and Scott didn’t want to leave him hanging. The boy doesn’t know that Miguel and his father have a plan to make …

Seductive Streets (TG AP RC Comic)

A mother with less than progressive views on urban inhabitants gains a new appreciation for the inner city after walking the dangerous streets with her son… Video on my Twitter

A Star is Born (TG AP RC) – Paycomic Preview

Tyler has had to keep his love for popular songs a secret from his overbearing parents, especially his appreciation for the newest dirty hit topping all the charts. The global sensation, TYRA, has been making a name for herself with her catchy, controversial songs that are filled with sexual lyrics, vulgar acts, and everything else a parent …

No Politics at Dinner (TG AP RC Sequence)

Inspired by conversations I’m sure we’ve all heard amongst family gatherings. I’m sure this won’t be controversial. Video on my Twitter

Foreign Blessing (TG AP RC Sequence)

Niqabs are so hot. Video on my Twitter Foreign-BlessingDownload

Dance to Remember (TG AP RC Sequence)

Someday I’ll be able to keep the jewelry consistent. Video on my Twitter DancerSFW-1Download