A Star is Born (TG AP RC) – Paycomic Preview

Tyler has had to keep his love for popular songs a secret from his overbearing parents, especially his appreciation for the newest dirty hit topping all the charts. The global sensation, TYRA, has been making a name for herself with her catchy, controversial songs that are filled with sexual lyrics, vulgar acts, and everything else a parent wouldn’t want their kid listening to. Tyler desperately wants to see TYRA in concert someday, but knows his parents would never allow it. Lucky for him, the newest single from the popstar is about to have a stronger impact on his life than he could ever expect, and he’ll never have to worry about hiding his music tastes ever again…


34 pages of gender changing, race swapping, age progressing transformation! Also very explicit, with plenty of juices leaking out of orifices and stimulating penetration. Enjoy!

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