A Bigger Fish (Monstergirl TF TG Comic)

Vyle needs some new muscle to contend with the growing team of heroes popping up around the city. She finds a guy who’s on his way to the gym and decides that he’d be the perfect candidate to join her growing team of villainesses. After all, she can offer him a level of strength he’d …

The Call of Cthulhu (TF TG AP Comic)

Be careful when reading mysterious old books in dead languages. You never know when it might be an Old God calling for a new vessel. 

What a Draugr (TF TG AP)

Be careful when pulling old swords out of caves. You never know whose grave you could be robbing… Another entry to the mythology series. Thought about doing a Valkyrie, but wanted something a little stranger and scarier. Video on my Twitter DraugrDownload

Monstrous Muscles (TF TG Sequence)

Caught the tail end of that Rampage movie on TV earlier this week and got inspired. Video on my Twitter

The Great Kaiju Battle – Part 1 (TF TG AP)

Derrick was having a blast of a day at the park with his mom. He didn’t have many friends thanks to his social awkwardness and weird obsessions, so he cherished the days he got to spend playing with her. He was obsessed with Kaiju culture and consumed it every chance he could get. He even …

Don’t Bee Afraid (TF TG AP Sequence)

Another monstergirl sequence! This time I tried an insect girl. Not the most consistent sequence, but I like the end result. Hope y’all do as well! Video on my Twitter beeDownload