TGA Contract: Gnat-Bits (FTF AP Commission)

Client requested our services to help her “stay up past her bedtime to eat candy and watch TV all night like the grown-ups”. We devised a plan that we believed would satisfy all of the client’s requests. We rented the house next to the client’s and converted them within to avoid raising any suspicions from …

TGAgency: Contract 10 (TG AP Sequence)

Client requested our help with a subject that they believe is lying about their virginity. Client stated that their friend is claiming to have lost their virginity to one of the senior girls in their school and is looking for proof of the claim. Subject was secretly given a drug that would only trigger a …

TGAgency: Contract 5 (TF TG AP)

Client submitted a request to see “Proof of the Easter Bunny” with no subject defined, so we assume this was a self-request. Client was relocated to a secluded area of the woods to maintain confidentiality and give the client/subject a suitable habitat to roam post-conversion. Seeing as the “Easter Bunny” does not exist, our genetics team …

TGAgency: Contract 1 (TG AR Sequence)

The TGA is an underground agency that specializes in giving people new perspectives in life, regardless of the willingness of the subject. This contract was issued by Emily, the subject’s daughter. The client requested for her father to undergo a treatment that would help him understand the emotional volatility of his teenage daughter. Decided to …

Test Subject #1 (TG AP Sequence)

No real backstory here aside from whatever you’d like to imagine 😉 Just wanted to try out a new format. Let me know if y’all like this and I’ll keep trying to improve!

Express Checkout (Pregnant TG AP Comic)

Video on my Twitter

Mosh Pit (TG AP) – Paycomic Preview

Nick is attending his first concert and has the unfortunate luck of getting jabbed with something while wading into the mosh pit of his favorite rock band. While trying to collect himself in the bathroom, he begins to feel a bit odd. Though his fears initially focus on the idea of being drugged by a …

Surprise Secretary (TG AP Sequence)

I just really love curvy office women. Video on my Twitter SecretaryDownload

Guardian Angel (TG AP Sequence)

God truly does work in mysterious ways… Video on my Twitter GuardianAngelDownload

Laundry Day Part 2 (FTM TG AR Comic)

Sequel time! A son needs a mother, and a mother needs a son… Part 1