Just a Prank (TG AP Sequence)

Two boys find a polymorph spell online and decide to use it to play a prank. They quickly learn why random spells on the internet shouldn’t be used so casually. PrankDownload

Living the Dream (TG AP Comic)

A little experiment with a new model. Wanted to try a POV mirror TG sequence.

Joy Ride (TG AP)

“Wow, your mom’s new car is so cool!” Jeff exclaimed from the driver’s seat as he gripped the wheel and pushed various buttons. Eric watched from the passenger seat as his friend explored the new vehicle with a grin. The boys were tempted to take the car out for a spin while Eric’s mom was …

Secret Valentine (TG AP)

“Hah! Is Jake trying to fake having a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?” Luke laughed as he picked up the rose lying on his older brother’s bed. He knew his older brother didn’t have a girlfriend, but never understood why he was so desperate for one. The naive boy was barely old enough to start feeling …

The Big Game (TG AP Comic)

A lucky boy at the Super Bowl end up switching sides in more ways than one…

Stream Dream (TG AP)

Nick was exhausted. He wanted to be a famous streamer like any other teenager these days, but he didn’t know how he could possibly keep up with school, homework, and a regular streaming schedule. He’d been at it for months, but his sub count wasn’t even in the 20s yet. Desperate, the boy turned to …

Laundry Day (TG AP Comic)

Be careful when messing with someone else’s laundry, lest it become your own!