Express Checkout (Pregnant TG AP Comic)

Video on my Twitter

Beached (Pregnant TG AP AR Comic)

Two high schoolers visit a beach and make fun of a pregnant woman. Turns out this is the beach that makes you old…and a woman…and sometimes pregnant. One of hopefully many submissions for this year’s #MarchNeedsMoms

Parking Privilege (TG AP Pregnancy Sequence)

Let’s just say this takes place in the same universe as Pregnant Privilege. It’s a whole parallel dimension where boys keep turning into pregnant women! Video on my Twitter ParkingPrivDownload

A Christmas Miracle (TG AP Pregnant Sequence)

Something a little more wholesome…but still with pinups at the end 😉 Vid on my Twit

Fertile Land (TG/AP/Pregnant)

Chris was on vacation with his family. They had a habit of choosing strange vacation spots, and this year was no different. The family had traveled to a remote part of China and hired a guide to show them through the lands of one of the last remaining tribes in the region. Chris wasn’t too …