TGAgency: Contract 8 (MLP TF TG)

This client requested our help to convince her older brother to play with her more often. The client is very fond of My Little Pony, so our genetics team took it upon themselves to craft the client a magical pony of her very own. Since there are no magical ponies in reality to draw from, …

TGAgency: Contract 7 (TG AP)

Client requested our services to be used on his son to improve his confidence levels. In accordance with the client’s contract, the subject has been converted into an aggressive, domineering, and very confident dominatrix. The client seemed enamored by the subject’s new body and personality, and as is protocol with interfamilial contracts, the subject’s DNA …

TGAgency: Contract 2 (TF TG AP Sequence)

We’re unsure how this client discovered the services of the TGA, but their contract simply stated “I like dinosaurs and want to be one when I grow up”. Our genetic research team accepted the challenge and attempted to fulfill the client/subject’s request to the best of their ability. This is our first attempt at hybridization, …

TGAgency: Contract 1 (TG AR Sequence)

The TGA is an underground agency that specializes in giving people new perspectives in life, regardless of the willingness of the subject. This contract was issued by Emily, the subject’s daughter. The client requested for her father to undergo a treatment that would help him understand the emotional volatility of his teenage daughter. Decided to …

Express Checkout (Pregnant TG AP Comic)

Video on my Twitter

Trophy Wife (TG AP) – Paycomic Preview

Mitch is nervous about going over to his neighbor’s house to apologize for hitting a baseball into Mr. Walker’s house. He feels bad already, but promises to do whatever it takes to make it up to Mr. Walker after learning that he destroyed some of Mr. Walker’s favorite trophies when he knocked that baseball through …

City Cat (Princess Carolyn TF TG AP Comic)

Just a quick transformation into one of my favorite feline characters: Princess Carolyn from Bojack Horseman. If only LA actually transformed you into Hollywoo’s favorite furry agent… Video on my Twitter

Luck of the Irish: Part 2 (TF TG Comic)

After watching his girlfriend transform into the well-endowed owner of the gold, Nick realizes that the Celtic magic protecting the gold they found has plans for him as well… Video on my Twitter

Luck of the Irish – Part 1 (FTM TG Comic)

A young couple are strolling through the woods in search of the rumored pot of gold that lies at the end of a rainbow. They quickly learn that ownership of the gold will require some adjustments~ Video Version on my Twitter

Seductive Streets (TG AP RC Comic)

A mother with less than progressive views on urban inhabitants gains a new appreciation for the inner city after walking the dangerous streets with her son… Video on my Twitter