Mother’s Milk (Pregnant TG AP Comic)

James wants to play a prank on his younger brother and thinks it’d be funny to trick him into drinking some of their mother’s breastmilk. The taste of motherhood ends up having a life-changing effect on the young boy…

TGA Contract: Babjie (Pregnant TG AP Commission)

Client requested our services to help her meandering son move out of the house and start his own life. Client also indicated that she hoped to be a grandmother soon, so we decided to speed up that process. The subject, Marcus, was a directionless college graduate who was looking for purpose in life, and our …

TGAgency: Contract 4 (Pregnant TG AP Sequence)

This client requested our services to be used on her older brother. The subject, Tyler, evidently has a habit of bullying his little sister and mocking her for playing with baby dolls and pretending to be a mommy. The client asked us to help her older brother see the appeal of motherhood, and we were …

Express Checkout (Pregnant TG AP Comic)

Video on my Twitter

Beached (Pregnant TG AP AR Comic)

Two high schoolers visit a beach and make fun of a pregnant woman. Turns out this is the beach that makes you old…and a woman…and sometimes pregnant. One of hopefully many submissions for this year’s #MarchNeedsMoms

Parking Privilege (TG AP Pregnancy Sequence)

Let’s just say this takes place in the same universe as Pregnant Privilege. It’s a whole parallel dimension where boys keep turning into pregnant women! Video on my Twitter ParkingPrivDownload