TGA Contract: Babjie (Pregnant TG AP Commission)

Client requested our services to help her meandering son move out of the house and start his own life. Client also indicated that she hoped to be a grandmother soon, so we decided to speed up that process. The subject, Marcus, was a directionless college graduate who was looking for purpose in life, and our conversion was able to give him that and more. Post-conversion, the subject now goes by Mary and is well into her first pregnancy. We arranged a life partner for the client who’s DNA was used during the conversion to induce pregnancy, and the two are now happily married and preparing their home for their first child. The client couldn’t be happier to see her former son (now daughter) mature into a loving, responsible soon-to-be mother, and she can’t wait for the arrival of her first grandchild. The subject has expressed no interest in their previous life, and thanks to the hormonal and instinctual modifications from the conversion process, she only cares about being the best mother she can be. 

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