TGAgency: Contract 5 (TF TG AP)

Client submitted a request to see “Proof of the Easter Bunny” with no subject defined, so we assume this was a self-request. Client was relocated to a secluded area of the woods to maintain confidentiality and give the client/subject a suitable habitat to roam post-conversion. Seeing as the “Easter Bunny” does not exist, our genetics team …

TGAgency: Contract 4 (Pregnant TG AP Sequence)

This client requested our services to be used on her older brother. The subject, Tyler, evidently has a habit of bullying his little sister and mocking her for playing with baby dolls and pretending to be a mommy. The client asked us to help her older brother see the appeal of motherhood, and we were …

TGAgency: Contract 1 (TG AR Sequence)

The TGA is an underground agency that specializes in giving people new perspectives in life, regardless of the willingness of the subject. This contract was issued by Emily, the subject’s daughter. The client requested for her father to undergo a treatment that would help him understand the emotional volatility of his teenage daughter. Decided to …

Luck of the Irish: Part 2 (TF TG Comic)

After watching his girlfriend transform into the well-endowed owner of the gold, Nick realizes that the Celtic magic protecting the gold they found has plans for him as well… Video on my Twitter

Seductive Streets (TG AP RC Comic)

A mother with less than progressive views on urban inhabitants gains a new appreciation for the inner city after walking the dangerous streets with her son… Video on my Twitter

The Witch’s Bitch (TF TG AP Comic)

Happy #WerewolfWednesday everyone! Here’s a new one about a boy who makes fun of the wrong girl in school and winds up cursed. Video on my Twitter

Right Place, Wrong Time (TG AP Sequence)

A boy goes to explore an old Victorian manor that his friends say is haunted. The rumors are that nobody who’s made it to the master bedroom has ever returned. While ghosts may not be his biggest problem, the manor does have a way of showing its glory days to curious explorers. The na├»ve boy has …

Unlimited…Powder? (Powder/Jinx TG AP Comic)

A little shorter than usual because I really just wanted to try some style experiments. Check out the video version on my Twitter! Bonus pic of the new Jinx exploring her new…urges…

A New Me? Anubis! (TF TG AP Comic)

A boy sneaks away from his tour group to explore the Egyptian pyramids. He’s always loved the culture, but he’ll soon be given the gift of being a part of it thanks to the gods protecting these tombs… What mythological creature should I attempt next?

Equivalent Exchange (TG AP)

Equivalent exchange is a core tenet of alchemy, and one that many novice users fail to prepare for. Such was the case with Mark and David, two brothers who were unwittingly about to make a bargain with the cosmos to fulfill their goals. The brothers’ new step-mom, Stacy, had recently moved in with them, wasting …