TGAgency: Contract 1 (TG AR Sequence)

The TGA is an underground agency that specializes in giving people new perspectives in life, regardless of the willingness of the subject. This contract was issued by Emily, the subject’s daughter. The client requested for her father to undergo a treatment that would help him understand the emotional volatility of his teenage daughter. Decided to …

Maternal Effort (TG AP Comic)

A boy gets a crash course in parental responsibility and adulthood after meeting a mysterious, confused little girl while playing at the park.

Do You Dare? (TG AP)

“This is so stupid. I don’t know why I even agreed to this stupid dare,” Mitch grumbled as he slipped the feminine bra over his shoulder.  “Because you’re too scared to tell me who you like in class! That’s how truth or dare works, dude.” Ben replied, getting a little too much satisfaction out of …

Surprise Secretary (TG AP Sequence)

I just really love curvy office women. Video on my Twitter SecretaryDownload

Parking Privilege (TG AP Pregnancy Sequence)

Let’s just say this takes place in the same universe as Pregnant Privilege. It’s a whole parallel dimension where boys keep turning into pregnant women! Video on my Twitter ParkingPrivDownload

Laundry Day Part 2 (FTM TG AR Comic)

Sequel time! A son needs a mother, and a mother needs a son… Part 1

Contorted (TG AR Sequence)

A sequel to Clowning Around that was inspired by people asking what happened to the kids parents. Might turn this into a running series. Video on my Twitter ContortedDownload