TGA Contract: BPassion91 (Weiss TG AR Commission)

Client requested our services for an upcoming cosplay contest, and we were more than happy to oblige. Client specified their desire to be converted into the RWBY character Weiss Schnee and appeared to thoroughly enjoy the conversion process. Needless to say, the client went on to win their cosplay competition. Commissioned by BPassion91 User Profile | DeviantArt

TGAgency Contract: Momamama (TG AP Commission)

Client requested our help increasing the confidence levels of the subject. Subject is a shy, nervous male that walks home through the local graveyard to avoid any social interactions. We triggered the conversion during the subject’s most recent trek through the graveyard, and given the subject’s new physical aesthetic, we found this a very fitting …

TGAgency: Extended Observation – Emily (TG AP Comic)

Client requested our services as a gift for the subject. The subject is a friend of the client and trying to start a career as a streamer, but is having a difficult time building any kind of audience. We studied a variety of successful streamers to design the optimal conversion for the subject, and the …

TGAgency: Extended Observation – Janet (TG AP Comic)

This client requested our help with his teenage son. Client states that the subject lacks work ethic and is reluctant to find a job, so we designed a solution that would rapidly move the subject up the corporate ladder. This simple request also allowed us to record more detailed observation notes during the conversion process to …

TGAgency: Contract 9 (MILF TG AP Sequence)

This client and subject submitted their request together, with the subject voluntarily submitting himself to the conversion process. The client requested our services to increase the subject’s ability to influence the client’s father and convince him to buy the latest game console for the two friends. Client was able to convince the subject to undergo …

TGAgency: Contract 4 (Pregnant TG AP Sequence)

This client requested our services to be used on her older brother. The subject, Tyler, evidently has a habit of bullying his little sister and mocking her for playing with baby dolls and pretending to be a mommy. The client asked us to help her older brother see the appeal of motherhood, and we were …

TGAgency: Contract 2 (TF TG AP Sequence)

We’re unsure how this client discovered the services of the TGA, but their contract simply stated “I like dinosaurs and want to be one when I grow up”. Our genetic research team accepted the challenge and attempted to fulfill the client/subject’s request to the best of their ability. This is our first attempt at hybridization, …

Test Subject #1 (TG AP Sequence)

No real backstory here aside from whatever you’d like to imagine 😉 Just wanted to try out a new format. Let me know if y’all like this and I’ll keep trying to improve!

More Than Friends (TG AP Comic)

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Express Checkout (Pregnant TG AP Comic)

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