TGAgency: Extended Observation – Janet (TG AP Comic)

This client requested our help with his teenage son. Client states that the subject lacks work ethic and is reluctant to find a job, so we designed a solution that would rapidly move the subject up the corporate¬†ladder. This simple request also allowed us to record more detailed observation notes during the conversion process to further advance our conversion technology and methodology. In addition to the physical conversion, the subject’s mental capacity, intelligence levels, and workplace competence were all elevated to keep the subject happy in their new role. The client reported satisfaction with the conversion and has stated that the subject is now the best employee the company has ever had. Subject was converted into Janet, a senior financial manager at the client’s company, and has quickly taken to her new career path with excitement. Subject’s new coworkers have also reported increased morale in the office thanks to the subject’s friendly personality, increased intelligence, and aesthetically appealing appearance. While this was not an intended result of the conversion, it is being noted as a net benefit.