TGAgency: Contract 10 (TG AP Sequence)

Client requested our help with a subject that they believe is lying about their virginity. Client stated that their friend is claiming to have lost their virginity to one of the senior girls in their school and is looking for proof of the claim. Subject was secretly given a drug that would only trigger a conversion if their virginity was still in tact, and if triggered, subject would begin the conversion process into a senior girl that matched the descriptions he had given to the client. Subject was clearly lying to the client and has been successfully converted, ensuring that their claims of no longer being a virgin will now be accurate. Post-conversion, the subject, now going by Natalie, has exhibited significantly increased sex drive and has had no problem finding partners. Subject has even taken the virginity of her former friends, including the client. Satisfaction levels reported by all parties involved have been excellent, and we are pleased with the new drug compound’s ability to be secretly administered via food or drink to the subjects.