Beached (Pregnant TG AP AR Comic)

Two high schoolers visit a beach and make fun of a pregnant woman. Turns out this is the beach that makes you old…and a woman…and sometimes pregnant. One of hopefully many submissions for this year’s #MarchNeedsMoms

The Black Boots (TG AP) – Paycomic Preview

A na├»ve young boy buys a pair of cool looking boots after seeing an ad on TikTok, only to realize that they look nothing like the advertisement once they arrive. Frustrated, he tries them on to see if they’re even the correct size. They look femininely gothic and nothing like the boy’s style, but before …

Just a Prank (TG AP Sequence)

Two boys find a polymorph spell online and decide to use it to play a prank. They quickly learn why random spells on the internet shouldn’t be used so casually. PrankDownload

Hydrophilic (TF TG AP Comic)

A boy gets cursed after breaking a statue of a local deity while on vacation. He’s even warned not to go into any water, but he knows nothing will happen, right? Turns out some local deities are very real and seeking new servants. Bonus alternate ending panel: