TGA Contract: Bpassion91 (Dog TF Commission)

Client requested our services to help their girlfriend reduce stress. This presented a perfect opportunity to test a [redacted] artifact that was recently uncovered. Upon wearing the collar, the subject was rapidly converted into a canine, the breed of which is determined by the subject’s subconscious. This conversion is reversible simply by removing the collar, …

TGAgency: Contract 2 (TF TG AP Sequence)

We’re unsure how this client discovered the services of the TGA, but their contract simply stated “I like dinosaurs and want to be one when I grow up”. Our genetic research team accepted the challenge and attempted to fulfill the client/subject’s request to the best of their ability. This is our first attempt at hybridization, …

Unlimited…Powder? (Powder/Jinx TG AP Comic)

A little shorter than usual because I really just wanted to try some style experiments. Check out the video version on my Twitter! Bonus pic of the new Jinx exploring her new…urges…

Hydrophilic (TF TG AP Comic)

A boy gets cursed after breaking a statue of a local deity while on vacation. He’s even warned not to go into any water, but he knows nothing will happen, right? Turns out some local deities are very real and seeking new servants. Bonus alternate ending panel:

Keep Off The Fence (TF TG Comic)

Billy wants to get a better look at the tigers in the zoo, ignoring the warning signs and climbing the fence. A quick stumble lands him right in the tiger exhibit, where he’ll learn the hard way why you shouldn’t ignore the signs.

Monstrous Muscles (TF TG Sequence)

Caught the tail end of that Rampage movie on TV earlier this week and got inspired. Video on my Twitter

Ride Like Hell (TF TG)

The boy had heard stories about the “Demon Horse” roaming the fields. He wanted to see it for himself, despite not believing the myth. He’s about to learn how real the creature is… Wanted to try a more experimental, horror tinged transformation this time. Let me know if y’all are interested in more stuff like …

Werewolf Within (TF TG Sequence)

2nd pass at a werewolf sequence. Wanted it to feel more feral this time. Video on my Twitter werewolfwithinDownload

Welcome to the Jungle (TF TG AP Sequence)

Inspired by my old Monkey Queen story. Video on my Twitter jungleDownload