TGAgency: Contract 2 (TF TG AP Sequence)

We’re unsure how this client discovered the services of the TGA, but their contract simply stated “I like dinosaurs and want to be one when I grow up”. Our genetic research team accepted the challenge and attempted to fulfill the client/subject’s request to the best of their ability. This is our first attempt at hybridization, …

Test Subject #1 (TG AP Sequence)

No real backstory here aside from whatever you’d like to imagine 😉 Just wanted to try out a new format. Let me know if y’all like this and I’ll keep trying to improve!

Seductive Streets (TG AP RC Comic)

A mother with less than progressive views on urban inhabitants gains a new appreciation for the inner city after walking the dangerous streets with her son… Video on my Twitter

A New Me? Anubis! (TF TG AP Comic)

A boy sneaks away from his tour group to explore the Egyptian pyramids. He’s always loved the culture, but he’ll soon be given the gift of being a part of it thanks to the gods protecting these tombs… What mythological creature should I attempt next?

Equivalent Exchange (TG AP)

Equivalent exchange is a core tenet of alchemy, and one that many novice users fail to prepare for. Such was the case with Mark and David, two brothers who were unwittingly about to make a bargain with the cosmos to fulfill their goals. The brothers’ new step-mom, Stacy, had recently moved in with them, wasting …

Blowing Smoke (TF TG Comic)

Boy tries a cigarette for the first and last time. He may have sworn off from tobacco, but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop smoking anytime soon. It can be awfully habit forming…

OverBEARing (TF TG Comic)

Two boys find a freshly knocked down bee’s nest in the woods, unaware of how close they are to a grizzly bear’s den. On a dare, one of them eats a piece of the fresh honeycomb. They’re about to learn why you never steal from a momma bear trying to feed her cubs… Wanted to …

Loonar New Year (TF TG AP Comic)

A boy. A blood moon. A brand new hellhound. Another highly requested character! I really need to go back and finish Helluva Boss.

1st Night (TF TG AP Sequence)

I probably should’ve uploaded these for Halloween, but just had to get it out of my system. Video on my Twitter chicaDownload

Welcome to the Jungle (TF TG AP Sequence)

Inspired by my old Monkey Queen story. Video on my Twitter jungleDownload