Equivalent Exchange (TG AP)

Equivalent exchange is a core tenet of alchemy, and one that many novice users fail to prepare for. Such was the case with Mark and David, two brothers who were unwittingly about to make a bargain with the cosmos to fulfill their goals. The brothers’ new step-mom, Stacy, had recently moved in with them, wasting no time in making their lives harder. She was strict, bossy, and a terrible cook. She made them go to bed early and took their videogames away, claiming that they should be spending their time doing something more productive. The worst part, though, was how little their dad hung out with them anymore. Stacy kept their father, Roger, all to herself most days. The boys didn’t see what their dad liked so much about her and were desperate to get rid of her. When nothing else worked, they turned to the magic of alchemy. Mark came home one day and pulled a strange looking circle out of his bag, laying it on the ground in front of his little brother. 

“Whoa, what is that?” David asked, inching closer to the strange object.

“It’s like a magic circle, I think. At least that’s what the website said it was. In order to cast a spell, we just have to wish for it on this thing and offer up something in exchange.” Mark said, tracing the strange symbols on the ground. The boys pondered what to give up for a second before collecting their favorite toys and video games, ready to trade those to get Stacy out of their lives. They nervously placed their offerings inside the circle and closed their eyes, simultaneously making their wish for their step-mom to leave their family forever. The circle briefly began to glow and hum before vanishing in a puff of smoke, surprising the boys. 

“Wow! Did it work?” David asked, looking around the room. 

“I’m not sure…our stuff is still here…” his older brother replied, pointing to their piles of toys and games where the circle used to be. He began looking around the room as well when he noticed that the photos in the house were beginning to change. Stacey was beginning to fade away in all of their recent family portraits, putting a smile onto Mark’s face.

“Dude, I think it worked! Look at the pictures! Stacey is vanishing!” He yelled at his younger brother with excitement. He looked at David smugly, pleased with himself that he’d found a way to fix their lives. David, on the other hand, was still confused why all their stuff was still here. Didn’t the rules say something about an exchange? 

Mark was about to stand up and explore the house to make sure that all traces of their step-mom were gone, but as he got to his feet he felt a wave of dizziness overtake him. He grabbed his head as the room began to spin while his brother looked up in concern. 

“You okay, bro?” He asked as his older brother struggled to maintain balance. Before Mark could respond, he felt a sharp pain in his legs as they began to extend. He grunted as the sharp sensations ran up his body, feeling like pins and needles in his bones as his entire skeleton grew. His spine cracked and popped as his torso elongated to match his growing legs, pushing him up nearly a foot in height. He towered over his little brother now, looking down at him with confusion in his eyes. More grunts and pops came from the boy as his chest broadened, tightening his shirt against his body and revealing freshly developed musculature from his accelerated puberty. His shirt lifted with his growing torso to reveal his new midriff, his hip bones visible beneath his skin as they began to widen. He felt his dick beginning to twitch from years of hormones flooding his body at once, only adding more confusion to the boy’s already racing mind. 

“W- what’s happening to me?” Mark asked meekly, knowing his little brother wouldn’t have any answers. 

“Bro! You look older! You’re so much bigger now!” David said with a confused excitement as he watched his brother grow. Part of him was jealous, wanting to be older as well, but that jealousy wasn’t going to last long.

“I…I feel…” Mark trailed off, still trying to process all the sensations coming from his changing body. He felt older and stronger, but completely off balance. His limbs were so much longer than he was used to, and it felt like his center of gravity was changing. His spine was subtly curving inwards to adjust for the incoming changes in weight distribution, but more obvious changes were rapidly making themselves known to the confused brothers. 

Mark brought his hands down to his chest as his heartbeat began to increase, feeling blood beginning to rush to his pecs as his nipples grew larger. His chest slowly began to puff out, pressing his sensitive new nipples against his shirt and sensing more confusing pleasures through the boy’s body. His hands began to tremble as he felt the soft flesh growing beneath them, still not comprehending what was happening. His brother watched in shock as Mark’s frame began to look more feminine by the second, his waist sucking in while his hips continued to widen. His budding breasts were now clearly visible beneath his shirt, scaring both boys who were still afraid to talk to girls. Mark’s hands twitched as his fingernails began to elongate, growing long and manicured as a clear coat of nail polish applied itself to the tips of his digits. 

“Little bro…I…I don’t feel so good…” He whimpered as David looked up at his changing brother helplessly. Mark’s mouth dropped open in shock as he felt his hair tumble down the back of his neck, covering his ears and messily resting on his shoulders.

The changing boy fell backwards onto the bed as another tingling began to build in his butt. He wiggled his wide new hips and shifted his thickening thighs as he felt his growing ass push itself into the bed cushion. Tears began to come from his pants as his maturing lower body grew well past their size, revealing the soft, milky skin of his inner thighs. His breathing grew faster as he felt his chest heaving up and down in rhythm, his breasts growing larger and bouncier with each breath. His shirt tore open, revealing his new cleavage to the stunned brothers. Each breast size increase only made him more sensitive, causing his moans to grow deeper and sultrier with each passing second. He felt himself continuing to age as his feminine curves grew more pronounced, now looking like a woman in her early 20s. Both boys were taken aback as a feminine smell began to emanate from his body, like a mix of fruity skin moisturizer and expensive hair conditioner. 

“Bro, it must be the spell! How do we undo it?!” David asked in a panic as he watched his brother transforming. 

“I don’t- *cough* I don’t know! Oh god…is that my voice?!” Mark said with a tremble in his throat, horrified by how womanly he sounded. He let out another sultry moan as a sudden soreness began to build in his face. He grabbed his jaw as he felt it cracking beneath the skin, shifting his facial features as his visage turned femininely mature. He felt his teeth moving in his mouth, leaving him with a perfect smile, as his lips grew soft and pink. David could only watch as his horrified brother’s face grew into someone else’s entirely. 

Marked leaned back, bracing himself against the bed as the changes began to intensify. His whole body was quivering as a layer of sweat covered his soft new skin. His chest continued to grow as he aged into his mid 20s, his gasps growing intensely alluring as his chest began to burst out of his tattered shirt. His legs began to tremble as his thighs continued to thicken, shredding his pants at the seams as they grew. He closed his eyes as his expression contorted into one of shock, horror, and pleasure, feeling a whirl of muscle cramps and ecstasy beginning to come from his crotch. His dick was twitching uncontrollably, threatening to burst out of the remains of his pants, until a sudden suction began from his lower abdomen. He tensed his body and groaned as he felt his balls slink up into his pelvis, quickly settling into place as ovaries and pumping estrogen to speed up the process. His shaft was next, sliding past a pair of warm, sensitive lips that had formed between his legs and sending unknown pleasures through his quivering body. His moans grew more intense as he felt his cock pushing his organs into new positions as it retracted, turning hollow as it developed into a fleshy cavern lined with nerve endings. He nervously reached a hand to his crotch as the warmth of his new womb spread throughout his body, unlocking maternal instincts within the boy’s aging mind. He writhed in pleasure at the lightest touch of his new sex, his pants ripping open just as the tip of his dick was finishing its metamorphosis into his new clit and making its way to the top of his new sex. His whole body shook as jolts of new, orgasmic pleasure wracked his nervous system, his new pelvic muscles flexing as his mind adjusted to their control. 

Poor David had never seen a naked woman before and was understandably horrified by what he was witnessing, but even more confusing were the sounds coming out of his older brother’s mouth. Mark’s moans sounded horrified at first, but as he continued to look older and the lips between his legs tightened up, David swore that his brother was beginning to enjoy this. 

Mark fell backwards onto the bed, writhing in reluctant pleasure as the rest of his tattered clothing fell away. His sensitive new breasts and aching new pussy were seemingly working in unison to flood as much pleasure as possible into the boy’s mind, readying him for the final changes. More signs of aging appeared as a thin layer of fat bubbled up beneath his skin, only accentuating his already curvy body. His nipples perked up against the cool bedroom air as he grabbed the sheets, trying to resist the estrogen flooding his mind. He looked like a woman in her early 30s now, a far cry from his body just a few minutes ago. 

“Mark! What’s going on!? Are you okay??” David asked, confused by what he was seeing.

Bro, I…ohhh god, it feels so good! I can’t fight it…I can feel what it’s doing to my mind…”

“You have to fight it! This isn’t you! You’re a boy, you’re my brother!”

“I…I’m becoming something more! Equivalent exchange…dad still needs a wife…and I’m- ahhhhh! Ooooohhh god…I’m becoming her…”

David looked at his brother in defeat, suddenly realizing why their offerings were still there. He didn’t want his brother to become his dad’s new wife. He didn’t want Mark to be his new step-mom. He wanted to reverse all this, but he had no idea how. Instead, he could only watch as his brother’s transformation into his new step-mom entered its final stages. 

“Bro, I…I love you…and I’ll always be here for yo- OOOOOHHHHHH!Mark moaned, trying to resist the intoxicating feelings of his aging body and comfort his terrified little brother. Whatever resistance Mark had was beginning to melt away as memories filled his mind. He remembered how good it felt to kiss a boy for the first time, and how mind blowing it was when he lost his virginity in his old boyfriend’s car. He remembered dressing up for parties and feeling a rush whenever handsome guys would compliment his figure. He remembered all the dates in his life, all the one night stands, all the awkward breakups. Then he remembered meeting…his dad. No, his…her…husband. She felt her pussy moisten at the thought, recalling how quickly they hit it off, and how good he was in bed. She remembered all the nice gifts he bought her, and the exotic vacations they took. She remembered meeting his son, David, for the first time, and how nervous she was since she’d never had kids. She smiled as she remembered David immediately warming up to her. A indescribable joy washed over her as she recalled the first time David called her “mom” and grinned in maternal satisfaction. 

Finally, she remembered Roger’s proposal. The diamond ring, the wedding venue, the night they spent consummating their marriage. The moment replayed in her head on loop as the rest of her new life settled into place, ending with an orgasmic burst of acceptance as the priest pronounced them Mr. & Mrs. Blake. She was Marie Blake, 39 years old, and happily married to Roger Blake for 3 years now. She was still learning how to be a mother to Roger’s son, David, but she loved that boy like he was her own. Her family was the only thing that mattered to her, and she’d do whatever she could to make them happy. Her old life as Mark felt scattered across her mind like a dream, but she’d never forget about her life as David’s brother. She simply knew that she had a new purpose in life now, one that she intended to fulfill. 

“M…Mark?” David whimpered at the naked woman on the bed as her breathy moans finally began to calm down.

“Oh, David, I’m not Mark anymore. You can call me Marie, or Mom if you’d like, but I’m not the same person I was when I woke up. I’m sorry you had to see all this, I’m sure it was scary, and it definitely wasn’t how I intended for things to go, but…this is good. I’m not Stacey, and I’ll never be like her. I love dad, err…your father, and I love you. If this is the price I have to pay to keep Stacey out of our family, I’ll gladly pay it.”

“Marie? But…I want my brother back…”

“I know, but I’m…I’m just not that anymore. I’ll still be right here by your side, just as your step-mom instead. I’ll still take care of you and protect you…I just have to care for your father as well.”

“O…okay, Mar- err, Marie…” David trailed off, still unable to believe that the mature naked women sitting before him used to be his brother. 

“I know this is weird for you. It’s weird for me, too. I remember a different life, and I’m still not used to being this old…or being a woman yet, but it feels like things are changing in me to make it easier. I like how this body feels, how I feel, and I like being your step-mom. Hopefully it’s the same for you.” 

“Oh, sorry, I guess you probably don’t want to see me naked, huh? Let me get dressed, your father should be home soon.”

David still wasn’t used to hearing his former brother refer to their dad as only his father, but he was beginning to feel a sense of comfort growing with each passing moment. His memories of Stacy began to fade away as they were replaced with memories of Marie. Where Stacy only made his life worse, Marie brought genuine happiness to the boy. She was funny, caring, and encouraged him to pursue his interests, whatever they may be. She was also a great cook. He remembered being happy when she moved in, and while he still missed having Mark as a brother, he knew that everyone’s lives were better without Stacey involved. 

Marie walked out of her closet looking stunning in even the most boring outfit. Her new life continued to fill in piece by piece, random memories populating her head as she rifled through her sizable collection of outfits. She grabbed a classic sweater and some mom jeans, getting more comfortable with how her body moved and how different clothes hugged her curves. She smiled as she heard a car pull up the driveway. 

“Welcome home, honey!” Marie said as she ran over to the man at the door. She locked eyes with Roger as he threw his bag on the sofa. He walked up to her and grabbed her waist, pulling her in for a kiss and making her knees weak. She loved his touch, his smell, his taste. She loved her husband, and he loved her back. The two locked lips as another wave of emotions rolled down Marie’s body. She felt herself growing aroused as their tongues danced together, the dampness in her crotch begging to be relieved. “Have a good day at work today, babe? You seem…energetic…” she said as her eyes moved down to her husband’s growing erection. 

“I landed a big account! It was almost as exciting as landing you, sweetie!” He said with a smirk. She blushed and only felt herself grow hotter. 

“Well, how about we celebrate in the bedroom?” She said, giving him bedroom eyes and swaying her ass as she turned around and pulled him towards their private space. 

Marie felt an incredible excitement building in her. She had all the memories of sex, but this was going to be her first time experiencing it for real. Her body knew exactly what to do, even reacting to the smell of her husband’s throbbing cock. They stripped and began tracing each other’s bodies, teasing desire out from one another. She looked at her nude husband and moaned in lust, completely accepting her feminine new urges and burying the notion that Roger used to be her father. She leaned in close, teasing his cock with her manicured fingers, and put her lips right up to his ear. “Take me, daddy.” 

Not a moment later, Roger grabbed his wife and spun her around, bedding her over on the bed and rubbing his masculine hands up and down her chest. She cooed at the feeling of his muscles pressing up against her body, her pussy practically dripping with desire. She rubbed her face against his as his stubble tickled her cheeks. He teased her dripping sex with his cock, rubbing it against her inner thighs until neither of them could take it anymore. He thrust into her, sending explosive shockwaves of pleasure through her body. She moaned as she felt her new sex get filled with her husband’s rigid cock. She tightened her new pelvic muscles against his member, drawing out a masculine grunt of pleasure from her husband as he explored the warm, sensitive insides of his wife. Marie felt lost in time, never wanting to leave this moment, but eagerly awaiting the building climax. Heat and sweat built between the couple until a shattering orgasm struck the two of them, the room filling with their moans as Marie was filled with Roger’s cum. She’d never felt happier than this moment, knowing that this was her life now, and that she’d saved them all from that awful bitch, Stacey.


 “Hey guys, the photographer is here!” Marie yelled through the house. Her step-son and husband came running down the stairs, dressed adorably for their new family portrait. Things had only gotten better since Marie’s transformation, with life settling in and a pervasive sense of happiness filling their household. David’s memories eventually adjusted just like Marie’s, and now the two of them were even more inseparable than when they were brothers. The family squeezed together in their living room as the photographer set up his camera and lighting. They smiled as his bulb flashed repeatedly, all blushing at the photographer’s compliments.

“Wow, you three really do look like the picture perfect family.” He said, handing them their new portraits. The family smiled as they looked over the different pictures, laughing at the ones where someone was yawning or had their eyes closed. They eventually found the perfect one to frame. Satisfied, they were about to return to their daily activities when David walked up to Marie with a glimmer in his eyes. She stared down at him comfortingly.

“What is it, David?” She asked.

“I just wanted to say…thanks, mom.” He said before wrapping his arms around her waist and hugging her tight. Marie looked down past her cleavage at the little boy hugging her, completely speechless as tears welled up in her eyes. She didn’t need any more stupid magic. Her new life was magical enough. 

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