The Perfect Match (TG AP)

Connor was lying in his bedroom, scrolling through the endless feeds of his socials as the sounds of whatever video game his little brother was playing in the living room echoed faintly throughout the house. He had gotten stuck babysitting Josh for the weekend while his parents were out of town, much to his dismay. …

Living the Dream (TG AP Comic)

A little experiment with a new model. Wanted to try a POV mirror TG sequence.

Joy Ride (TG AP)

“Wow, your mom’s new car is so cool!” Jeff exclaimed from the driver’s seat as he gripped the wheel and pushed various buttons. Eric watched from the passenger seat as his friend explored the new vehicle with a grin. The boys were tempted to take the car out for a spin while Eric’s mom was …

Maternal Effort (TG AP Comic)

A boy gets a crash course in parental responsibility and adulthood after meeting a mysterious, confused little girl while playing at the park.

Loonar New Year (TF TG AP Comic)

A boy. A blood moon. A brand new hellhound. Another highly requested character! I really need to go back and finish Helluva Boss.

Secret Valentine (TG AP)

“Hah! Is Jake trying to fake having a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?” Luke laughed as he picked up the rose lying on his older brother’s bed. He knew his older brother didn’t have a girlfriend, but never understood why he was so desperate for one. The naive boy was barely old enough to start feeling …

Mosh Pit (TG AP) – Paycomic Preview

Nick is attending his first concert and has the unfortunate luck of getting jabbed with something while wading into the mosh pit of his favorite rock band. While trying to collect himself in the bathroom, he begins to feel a bit odd. Though his fears initially focus on the idea of being drugged by a …

Custody Agreement (TG AP)

Aaron stood in his father’s temporary apartment and watched him pace back and forth nervously. His parents were in the middle of their divorce proceedings and his father knew how unlikely it was for him to get custody of his son. Aaron knew that this was likely one of the last times he’d get to …

Going Under (Toriel TF TG AP Comic)

An alternate Undertale universe where Frisk wakes up in an unfamiliar house after falling down that hole…

Rox Star (TF TG AP Comic)

A sequel to 1st Night set in the same arcade, this time with everyone’s favorite animatronic wolf!