Joy Ride (TG AP)

“Wow, your mom’s new car is so cool!” Jeff exclaimed from the driver’s seat as he gripped the wheel and pushed various buttons. Eric watched from the passenger seat as his friend explored the new vehicle with a grin. The boys were tempted to take the car out for a spin while Eric’s mom was traveling for work, but neither one of them was old enough to drive yet. Instead, they could only listen to the radio and fantasize about owning cars of their own someday. 

“Man, I don’t want to wait a year to get my driver’s permit. I wish I was old enough to take this thing out now!” Jeff said, leaning back against the seat in disappointment.

“You and me both. We could go to the movies, the arcade, the mall…” Eric trailed off as he daydreamed about the freedom of being able to drive, not noticing his friend’s changing expression. Jeff’s excitement about the new car began to fade away as a strange sensation began to spread across his body. His joints began to hurt as his muscles tensed up, causing him to squirm uncomfortably in his seat. He’d felt growing pains before, but this was something else, something more intense. He braced himself against the armrests as his growth spurt accelerated, too embarrassed to let his friend know that he was feeling off, but in a few moments it would become clear to both of them that something very strange was happening. 

“…yeah, I can’t wait to drive. Where would you go first- holy shit! Jeff?!” Eric screamed, snapping out of his daydream only to see his friend’s awkwardly growing body. “What’s happening to you?!”

“I- AGH! I have no idea!” Jeff whimpered between the painful cracks of his growing body. He winced as his spine extended, pushing him up in the seat and leaving him taller than his friend. His shoulders trembled as his chest broadened, tightening his shirt as it lifted up to give the boys a peak at his maturing midriff. His legs began to elongate until he could comfortably reach the pedals as his feet tightened inside his now undersized shoes. He looked down at his lengthening limbs in shock as a tingling began to build in his chest. His spine began to curve inwards as he tried to muffle a groan, his changing posture forcing him to push his chest outwards. Eric watched in stunned silence as the beginnings of two breasts began to grow beneath his friend’s shirt, the stretching fabric beginning to change into a lighter shade of blue as it struggled to contain Jeff’s growing bust. That color stood out to Eric as he realized that it was his mom’s favorite color.

“E- Eric, help! I feel so weird…my chest is- OH MY GOD! I’m…growing…b…b…” Jeff said with an increasing tremble in his voice as he became acutely aware of his inflating chest. He looked down in horror as his breasts continued to grow, ripping his shirt and sending confusing feelings through the changing boy. He gingerly reached up to touch one of his tender new boobs and gasped at the sensations. His sensitive breast grew until his quivering hand was filled with the supple new flesh. He only noticed that his fingernails had grown long and manicured when they dug into the soft skin on his chest, causing him to muffle a moan as the nerves around his hardening nipples grew increasingly sensitive. He tried his best to hide the surprisingly pleasurable feelings of his aging body from his friend, but Eric could see his friend’s expression teetering on the edge of horror and rapture. Jeff’s breathing grew heavier as the weight on his chest bounced in rhythm. He felt his shirt beginning to tear down the middle and moved his hand up to try and keep it together, but as he looked down past his growing cleavage, he saw that his legs were just beginning to change. His gasps grew more feminine as his thighs thickened, squeezing the junk between his legs and tearing his pants open to reveal more milky skin beneath. His eyes darted around as he noticed his hair growing down into his field of view, tickling the back of his neck as it became silky and shiny. 

“Please, make it stop! Make it stoooOOOHHHH!” He moaned as his vocal chords aged, leaving him with a sultry, feminine voice that sounded terrifyingly familiar to the boys. 

“Oh god. Jeff…you sound like…”

…your mom…” He said reluctantly as the voice coming out of his mouth echoed in his head. He began to sweat as he connected the dots. His stupid wish was turning him into his best friend’s mother! His head was spinning at the impossibility of it all, wanting to believe that this was just a bad dream, but with another surge of maturity he felt his breasts burst forth and nearly rip his shirt in half. Eric stared at his friend’s new cleavage in confusion, trying to suppress his arousal as a teenage boy with his awareness that he was looking at his best friend. His aging friend’s increasing resemblance to his own mother didn’t make things any less conflicted for the horrified adolescent. 

Eric, I…I don’t want to be your mom…I feel all wro- ohhh…” he trailed off as he felt himself accelerating into middle age. His waist tightened as his hips widened, giving him a motherly hourglass figure that women of any age would be envious of. He shifted his legs as his thighs finished thickening, the tattered remains of his torn jeans seemingly vanishing into thin air. His growing ass pulled his new jean shorts tightly against his crotch, causing him to moan as he felt blood rushing to the spot between his legs. Eric watched his friend’s face reluctantly contort into an expression of pleasure as his insides began to adjust themselves, making way for a whole new reproductive system. His lips parted as his moans grew sultrier, filling the car with sounds and echoes that would turn any man on.

“Ohh, Eric…sweetie…I can’t resist…it feels…soooo good… Jeff moaned as he began to squirm in pleasure. Eric watched in disbelief as the little bulge in his friend’s pants, the last remnant of his manhood, disappeared with a squeal and a tiny spurt of fluids that began to run down Jeff’s quivering thighs. Jeff’s lips curled into a smile as he felt his old sex moving and morphing inside him. Jolts of pleasure came from his changing nerves as thousands of new nerve endings coated the insides of his new sex. The fleshy cavern that led right to his new womb was already asking to be filled, and his twitching new clit was begging to be touched. He’d just started masturbating a few months ago as a boy, but he never imagined anything could feel this good. The estrogen now pumping through his veins made everything feel more intense, and he was already gaining knowledge of all his new feminine erogenous zones. He wanted to dig his feminine fingers deep into his achingly fresh pussy, but had just enough willpower to resist fingering himself in front of his speechless friend. 

“Mmmhaaa, this is all wrong…I don’t want…this to stop!He moaned as his face aged and softened, his features shifting to resemble those of Eric’s mother. He tilted his head as his scalp began to tingle, his hair changing color from the roots down as it began to style itself. The scents of expensive perfumes and fruity hair products filled the car as Jeff’s clothes began to restitch themselves into an outfit that Eric knew his mother was fond of. The enraptured boy bit his lower lip with a set of perfect teeth as his shirt tightened into a blouse, pushing his sizable breasts together and giving everyone a clear view of his cleavage. He tasted the strawberry lip gloss that had applied itself and felt pangs of memories materializing in his head. He always thought it was cute when boys would compliment him on how good his lips tasted after a kiss.

“Jeff?! You gotta snap out of it! Make another wish! You can’t be my mom…you can’t…” the teenager trailed off as he watched his friend’s hair turn the same blonde shade as his. Light wrinkles appeared on Jeff’s face before makeup covered them up. His hair began to flow around his face as it shortened into a pixie cut, the preferred hairstyle of Eric’s mother ever since she turned 40. Jeff was nearly an exact replica of his best friend’s mother now, save for his adolescent brain. Part of him still wanted to fight his transformation, but his will to resist was growing weaker by the second. He felt himself growing smarter and wiser as a lifetime of experiences filled the gaps between his synapses. His old, childish desires were morphing into more mature aspirations, like raising a family and staying fit and healthy to be around for his grandkids. He wanted to focus on his friendship with Eric and how much fun they had together, but as he opened his eyes to look at his friend one last time in desperation, he felt an overpowering sense of love wash over him. He didn’t see his best friend anymore, he saw his son.

“Eric, I’m sorry. I don’t understand how, but I…I…I’m your mother, and I love you, sweetie.Eric locked eyes with his best friend and watched in defeat as Jeff’s widening eyes turned from brown to a beautiful hazel, just like his own. Jeff closed his eyes again and resigned to the new life flooding his mind. He wanted to have his life together. He wanted to be married to a handsome, breadwinning husband. He wanted to feel the eyes of everyone staring at his MILF body, admiring him for how good he looked for his age. He wanted the pleasure of his sensitive new body, and wanted the memories of bringing new life into this world. He wanted to be Eric’s mother, and with an orgasmic shudder, Jeff let go of his old life and let the warmth of his new one take over. 

Joy Smith leaned back in her seat as the sensations coursing through her body and mind began to die down. She wondered why she was feeling so hot and bothered, but thankfully had the self control of a grown woman to ignore the desires of her groin. She still felt a little disoriented and was struggling to remember what she was doing when she saw her son staring at her from the passenger seat, his mouth completely agape. 

“What’s wrong, Eric? You’re looking at me like I’m a ghost! Didn’t your parents raise you better? It’s rude to stare, especially at your own mother!” Joy said jokingly. She smiled at her son, trying to comfort him while feeling a pang of guilt that she didn’t understand what was bothering her son. “Oh, sweetie, you can tell me anything. You are Eric Smith. You are my son, and a mother will always be there for her kids.”

“S- sorry…mom…it’s just…” Eric struggled for words as he looked at his former best friend, feeling comforted by her smile, but still unable to process what he’d just witnessed. The new woman grabbed his hand and held it tight, hoping to show her son that their family bond was stronger than ever. Feeling her hand, Eric truly began to realize that Jeff really was his mom now. He felt something intangible between them, like the bonds between friends were only multiplied by the transformation, and began to feel at ease with the whole situation. He loved his mom, and Joy loved her son. 

“Oh, I know what’ll cheer you up. Let’s go see a movie! I’ll drive. I want to see how fast this new car your dad bought for me can go.” She grinned, buckling her seatbelt and pushing the ignition. With the squeal of her tires, the new woman drove off in her new car with her new son and smiled at how lucky she was.