Keep Off The Fence (TF TG Comic)

Billy wants to get a better look at the tigers in the zoo, ignoring the warning signs and climbing the fence. A quick stumble lands him right in the tiger exhibit, where he’ll learn the hard way why you shouldn’t ignore the signs.

OverBEARing (TF TG Comic)

Two boys find a freshly knocked down bee’s nest in the woods, unaware of how close they are to a grizzly bear’s den. On a dare, one of them eats a piece of the fresh honeycomb. They’re about to learn why you never steal from a momma bear trying to feed her cubs… Wanted to …

Inner Demon (TG AP Sequence)

A semi-sequel to Guardian Angel. One more angel in the world means one more demon. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. Video on my Twitter Inner-DemonDownload

Big Mouth (FTM TF TG Sequence)

Rounding out the circus trilogy with my first FTM sequence. Part 1: Part 2: Video on my Twitter BigMouthDownload

Ride Like Hell (TF TG)

The boy had heard stories about the “Demon Horse” roaming the fields. He wanted to see it for himself, despite not believing the myth. He’s about to learn how real the creature is… Wanted to try a more experimental, horror tinged transformation this time. Let me know if y’all are interested in more stuff like …

Werewolf Within (TF TG Sequence)

2nd pass at a werewolf sequence. Wanted it to feel more feral this time. Video on my Twitter werewolfwithinDownload

Gift of the Guardian (TF TG AP Sequence)

First attempt at a bovine transformation! Thanks to “ericnewton” on DeviantArt for the suggestion of a minotaur transformation. Video on my Twitter

1st Night (TF TG AP Sequence)

I probably should’ve uploaded these for Halloween, but just had to get it out of my system. Video on my Twitter chicaDownload

Jumping the Shark (TF TG AP Sequence)

You may have heard of the beach that makes you old, but have you heard of that beach that makes you a sexy shark lady? Video on my Twitter SharkyDownload