Parental Supervision (MILF TG AP Comic)

Two boys are messing with parkgoers while trying to make a viral TikTok. They have no idea that one of their victims is a witch who thinks the boys need some parental supervision…

Staying For Dinner (TG AP Comic)

Daniel wishes he could stay at his friend’s house for dinner to keep playing video games, but this world has an ironic way of granting wishes…

TGAgency: Contract 9 (MILF TG AP Sequence)

This client and subject submitted their request together, with the subject voluntarily submitting himself to the conversion process. The client requested our services to increase the subject’s ability to influence the client’s father and convince him to buy the latest game console for the two friends. Client was able to convince the subject to undergo …

Dough Not Eat (TG AP WG Sequence)

This is why you should always ask before eating food from somebody else’s kitchen…especially during #marchneedsmoms Video version on my Twitter:… PDF VersionDownload

Beached (Pregnant TG AP AR Comic)

Two high schoolers visit a beach and make fun of a pregnant woman. Turns out this is the beach that makes you old…and a woman…and sometimes pregnant. One of hopefully many submissions for this year’s #MarchNeedsMoms

Just a Prank (TG AP Sequence)

Two boys find a polymorph spell online and decide to use it to play a prank. They quickly learn why random spells on the internet shouldn’t be used so casually. PrankDownload

Do You Dare? (TG AP)

“This is so stupid. I don’t know why I even agreed to this stupid dare,” Mitch grumbled as he slipped the feminine bra over his shoulder.  “Because you’re too scared to tell me who you like in class! That’s how truth or dare works, dude.” Ben replied, getting a little too much satisfaction out of …

A Christmas Miracle (TG AP Pregnant Sequence)

Something a little more wholesome…but still with pinups at the end 😉 Vid on my Twit

The Side Effects of Body Swapping (TG AP Sequence)

This one turned out a little longer than I was expecting. Video on my Twitter