TGAgency: Contract 4 (Pregnant TG AP Sequence)

This client requested our services to be used on her older brother. The subject, Tyler, evidently has a habit of bullying his little sister and mocking her for playing with baby dolls and pretending to be a mommy. The client asked us to help her older brother see the appeal of motherhood, and we were …

Seductive Streets (TG AP RC Comic)

A mother with less than progressive views on urban inhabitants gains a new appreciation for the inner city after walking the dangerous streets with her son… Video on my Twitter

Right Place, Wrong Time (TG AP Sequence)

A boy goes to explore an old Victorian manor that his friends say is haunted. The rumors are that nobody who’s made it to the master bedroom has ever returned. While ghosts may not be his biggest problem, the manor does have a way of showing its glory days to curious explorers. The naïve boy has …

A New Me? Anubis! (TF TG AP Comic)

A boy sneaks away from his tour group to explore the Egyptian pyramids. He’s always loved the culture, but he’ll soon be given the gift of being a part of it thanks to the gods protecting these tombs… What mythological creature should I attempt next?

Equivalent Exchange (TG AP)

Equivalent exchange is a core tenet of alchemy, and one that many novice users fail to prepare for. Such was the case with Mark and David, two brothers who were unwittingly about to make a bargain with the cosmos to fulfill their goals. The brothers’ new step-mom, Stacy, had recently moved in with them, wasting …

A Twisted Toy Story (Doll TF TG Comic)

The winner of my recent Twitter poll – MTF Doll Transformation with 40% of the votes! My first attempt at a doll transformation. Hope y’all enjoy! Danny is a mean older brother who constantly messes with his little sister. Gabby loves her dolls, so Danny decided to go for those next, but this time he’s …

Just a Prank (TG AP Sequence)

Two boys find a polymorph spell online and decide to use it to play a prank. They quickly learn why random spells on the internet shouldn’t be used so casually. PrankDownload

The Perfect Match (TG AP)

Connor was lying in his bedroom, scrolling through the endless feeds of his socials as the sounds of whatever video game his little brother was playing in the living room echoed faintly throughout the house. He had gotten stuck babysitting Josh for the weekend while his parents were out of town, much to his dismay. …

Living the Dream (TG AP Comic)

A little experiment with a new model. Wanted to try a POV mirror TG sequence.

Joy Ride (TG AP)

“Wow, your mom’s new car is so cool!” Jeff exclaimed from the driver’s seat as he gripped the wheel and pushed various buttons. Eric watched from the passenger seat as his friend explored the new vehicle with a grin. The boys were tempted to take the car out for a spin while Eric’s mom was …