The Perfect Match (TG AP)

Connor was lying in his bedroom, scrolling through the endless feeds of his socials as the sounds of whatever video game his little brother was playing in the living room echoed faintly throughout the house. He had gotten stuck babysitting Josh for the weekend while his parents were out of town, much to his dismay. The young man was in desperate need of a girlfriend since finishing college and moving back in with his parents, but he had little luck finding someone in his small hometown. His phone vibrated with a notification from one of his old college buddies about a new dating app that was making the rounds, causing Connor to sit up in curiosity.

Bro, you have to check out MatchMkr. Everyone I know who’s used it is in a relationship now.” The text read, with a link attached. Connor wasted no time downloading it and setting up his profile. He’d never had luck with dating apps, but something about this one felt different. Once he was finished setting up his profile, it began to ask him basic things about what he was looking for in a romantic partner. Meanwhile, Josh sat in the living room and focused on his video game, oblivious to the seemingly innocuous app that his older brother was messing with.

The criteria started simple enough. First up was the preferred age of his potential matches. He wanted her to be around the same age as himself, so a tight window would be best.

Preferred Age Range: 23 – 25

As the app began to load the next few questions, Josh felt a sudden tingle surge through his body. He put the controller down nervously and looked down at himself as he began to age. The changes were subtle at first, rougher skin, increased body hair, sweating, but soon became startlingly drastic. He groaned as his legs began to extend outwards, lifting his jeans well above his ankles. He stood up in shock and felt dizzy as he watched his point of view rise with his rapidly increasing height. His muscles tensed as testosterone flooded his body, increasing their definition as his veins pulsed beneath his skin from the increased blood flow. His shirt tightened against his chest as his pecs developed, his torso extending and broadening with a few spinal pops. His boyish groans turned deep and masculine as his adams apple developed, his jaw growing sharper as he contorted his face in confusion. He instinctively spread his legs as he felt his growing cock and balls rubbing against his constricting jeans, sending pangs of adolescent pleasure through the boy as a wave of arousal like he’d never felt washed over him. When the changes finally settled, he looked over himself in confused excitement. He didn’t know why, but he looked and felt as old as his brother now. He was about to walk over to his brother’s room and show off his growth spurt when another tingling sensation stopped him in his tracks.

The next questions on the app were all about body type. Connor read them over and began to fantasize about his ideal woman. He could imagine her hips swaying with every step as her chest jiggled up and down playfully. He pictured her with an ass that could fill both his hands with one supple cheek. He saw her with a waist that he could easily wrap his arm around. As his dream girl materialized in his mind, he began to enter the parameters into MatchMkr.

Body Type: Curvy

Josh stopped mid stride as he felt his backside beginning to quiver. He couldn’t quite get a good view of it yet, but as the tingling intensified, he heard his jeans beginning to rip. He winced as he felt his pants tightening against his swelling ass, confused by what was happening. He could feel the weight growing above the back of his legs as his hips began to widen. With a few more sickening cracks, his hips burst out while his waist curved in, letting him twist his spine enough to catch a glimpse of the supple flesh peaking through his torn clothes. He squeezed one of his new ass cheeks and blushed at the feeling, reluctant to believe that the smooth, jiggly flesh he was grabbing was his. He wanted to run to his brother for help as he felt the folds between his ass and the backs of his thighs increasing, but found himself too stunned by his changing body to move.

The lifestyle choices were next. Connor was in decent shape, and he hoped to find the same in a partner. He didn’t want a gym rat, but was hoping to find a girl with a tight body.

Fitness Level: Athletic

Josh felt the changes wrapping around his body to focus on his core. He began to rub his exposed midriff as his abs began to tremble, tightening inwards as his body took on an increasingly hourglass shape. His hip bones began to protrude as the fat in his core shifted up into his chest, leaving his new pecs looking swallowed and putting just enough pressure on his already strained shirt to tear it down the middle. He felt himself losing his newly gained muscle mass all over as he began to grow slender, but fit. His nipples began to harden against his shirt as they grew large and sensitive, sending more confusing feelings to the boy’s mind. His chest heaved up and down as the beginnings of feminine cleavage became visible through the fresh opening in his shirt. He wanted to scream as he watched his transformation continue, but all that came out was a light moan as the pleasurable feelings in his chest intensified. 

Connor smirked as he read the next question. He didn’t actually know if he had a preferred breast size since he’d gotten off to all different types of chests when he was horny and browsing the web, but he decided to play it safe with this one. The app didn’t even give him specific sizes, so he entered the vague answer that most men would. He could always change his preferences later, right?

Preferred Breast Size: Large

Josh inhaled deeply as he felt his chest light up with orgasmic sensations. He watched with an agape mouth as his puffy pecs grew and grew, stretching and tearing what was left of his shirt. He knew this was wrong, he knew that he was a boy and didn’t want boobies like a girl, but the feeling of his chest inflating and rubbing against his tattered clothes was utterly intoxicating. His dick twitched as the smooth, sensitive flesh on his chest unleashed unknown pleasures through his body. His enlarged nipples peaked out from beneath his shredded garments as new nerve endings in his chest hooked themselves into his nervous system. He couldn’t stop himself from moaning as he rubbed the undersides of his new breasts, his innocent mind unaware that anything could feel this good. His softening lips quivered as his moans began to sound sultry and feminine, already losing the masculine edge that he’d developed moments ago. He was so enamored with his new chest that he’d barely noticed his hair tumbling down past his neck. He shook his head as it began to tickle his face and neck, snapping himself out of his pleasurable trance for a brief moment.

Connor’s next question was interesting. He didn’t know if there was a specific nationality he was looking for, but after ruminating on it for a bit, he did think that accents were cute. He also really had a thing for redheads, leaving him with an obvious choice.

Preferred Nationality: Irish

Josh dropped to his knees as the sensations traveled up his torso and into his neck. He grabbed at his freshly grown adams apple as it began to recede into his throat, causing him to cough and moan as it dissolved. He could hear his voice growing higher and more feminine, but it wasn’t just that. His lips and tongue felt strange as his oral muscle memory began to shift, changing the way he pronounced certain words and leaving him with an accent he’d never had before. 

“What- *cough* wahds goin’ on? Me…me voice?!” He whimpered in an unfamiliar voice. His flowing hair began to lighten as strands of a vibrant red began to appear from his scalp. He shook his head as his hair began to flow down his back, tracing the curve of his spine as it cracked inwards and forced his ass and chest outwards. His clothes began to restitch themselves around his new frame, granting him some sense of relief as they stopped straining against his now adult body. His complexion began to grow pale, contrasting with his increasingly red hair, as his facial features softened into a feminine visage. 

Connor finally reached the last question, and it was one that took him by surprise. He often tried not to think of the sexual experience of girls he wanted to date, but he knew that he didn’t want to date a virgin. He thought about it and while he didn’t want to date a slut, he did enjoy the idea of a woman who knew what she wanted in bed and could even teach him a few things. 

Sexual Experience Level: Experienced

Josh felt a twitch in his crotch, suddenly becoming aware of his milky inner thighs rubbing against his aching member. He brought his knees together as his whole body began to tremble, like it was preparing for something big. Part of him knew what was coming next, but he didn’t want to believe it. It wasn’t until he felt his organs beginning to shift around in his abdomen that he realized he couldn’t ignore what was about to happen. He squeezed his eyes closed as his balls began to retract, at first feeling like he’d just gotten out of a pool on a cold day, but soon going far past that point. He squealed as his testes slipped up into himself, one after the other, and slid around inside him until they settled into his new reproductive system. They quickly morphed into ovaries and began pumping estrogen through his body, making all of the sensations he was feeling even more intense. His moans of fear and reluctance transitioned into sounds of pleasure as his throbbing cock began to slip inside next. He could feel his equipment unfolding as it went, turning into a cavernous pathway to his new womb as thousands of nerve endings populated the insides of his new sex. He shuddered in pleasure as the tip of his dick was pinched by two fleshy lips between his legs, rubbing it and stimulating the nerves as it condensed into a new clit and rose to the top of his new pussy. He felt so confused by everything he was feeling, from the pleasures of his genital transition, to the warmth of his new crotch, and the alien wetness that was growing between his legs. His jeans began to tighten into a black thong, hugging his new vulva and diverging into an alluring set of lingerie for reasons he didn’t quite understand yet. His shirt continued to reform as his now completely red hair draped over his shoulders. He wasn’t sure what to do now, afraid of what he’d become, but embarrassed to have anyone see him writhing around like he was. What would anyone think if he told them that he’d suddenly transformed into a woman in her 20s? How would he explain this to his older brother???

Connor waited with excitement as the app processed his entries before showing him the perfect match. The profile of a gorgeous redhead appeared on his screen and he was immediately enamored with her. Her name was Jessica, and she had the face of a goddess with cleavage he could get lost in. Her smile was inviting yet seductive, and her eyes were a vibrant green. She enjoyed traveling the world and trying new cuisines, but most exciting to Connor was her preferred “love language” description. She loved physical touch and cuddling beneath the sheets on rainy days. She described herself as sex positive and kink friendly. She seemed like she knew exactly what she wanted from an intimate partner, and exactly what men wanted from her. Connor blushed as he put his phone back into his pocket, pacing around his room and trying to think of a good opening line. He decided to grab a drink from the kitchen and walked out of his room, only to find a sultry redhead on her knees, twitching and mewling in ecstasy right in the center of his living room. 

Ahh Cahnnor, dank gahd! you ‘ave to ‘elp me! I…I dahn’t know what ‘appened to me.” Josh moaned, struggling to get his words out through his thick new accent. 

“Uhh, who are you? Where’s my brother?!” He stammered, confused by what he was seeing. 

“I am yooehr brahther! it’s me, Jahs…J…Jessica…” he whimpered as he found himself unable to say his old name. His older brother watched with his jaw on the floor, unable to believe the situation until he noticed the wide and trembling eyes turn from brown to a vibrant green, just like in the profile picture. A soft layer of makeup applied itself to her face as a layer of red lipstick coated her parted lips. Connor was looking at his perfect match.

“Bro?! You…you’re her! You’re Jessica, my perfect match! How is this possible?!” He said as he raised his hand to his forehead. Josh wanted to respond, but as he heard the name “Jessica” leave his brother’s mouth, he felt a wave of new emotions flood his mind. It was a warm, comforting feeling, like he was remembering something he’d long forgotten. Memories of hanging out with his older brother began to morph into more intimate moments. He remembered nights on the couch watching movies, but now he could feel himself cuddling up against his brother’s warm chest and sharing a blanket. Memories of doing fast food runs became lovely dinner dates at all his favorite restaurants. Thoughts of sending each other memes and TikToks became lengthy conversations about where they wanted to travel to for their next romantic vacation. Their brotherly wrestling sessions became something far more sensual and exciting as he vividly began to remember all their nights beneath the sheets exploring each other’s bodies. 

Josh’s lips trembled as he began to look at Connor with a growing lust. He didn’t want to see his brother like this, to know how good of a kisser he was, or to remember how big his cock was, but his growing feminine instincts were beginning to intensify his new urges. His expression was growing reluctantly sultry as he stared at his older brother, though with each passing second he found it harder to think of Connor as his older sibling. Womanly knowledge began to fill the gaps in his maturing mind, and he suddenly knew why his crotch was getting so damp. He was horny as hell, and his new pussy was simply lubing itself up and begging to be filled. He thought about how good his transformation felt and couldn’t stop thinking about the echoes of sexual pleasure coming from his new memories. He didn’t want to admit it, but he’d never wanted anything more. He began to realize that to enjoy the ecstasy of his new body, he would have to embrace his new life. Connor wasn’t a brother to him anymore, and he wasn’t a boy anymore. Josh closed his eyes and sighed in relief as he accepted his new self. 

Jessica opened her beautiful green eyes and stared at her boyfriend lustfully, leaving her old life as Josh behind like a fading dream. Her hair tumbled down her face, partially covering her eye, as she reached up and began unbuttoning her shirt. Connor’s panic and confusion began to give way to desire as he watched the new woman reveal her massive cleavage. She felt a sense of excitement growing in her as she watched Connor’s dick begin to harden beneath his pants. She could see it twitching with each button she removed, desperate to get deep inside her. She felt her own lust growing as well, quivering at the thought of her boyfriend squeezing her breasts as he pumped his cock between her legs. She eagerly awaited the feeling of his warm cum coating her insides and the explosive, orgasmic fireworks that wracked her body during sex. She pushed her chest forward and pulled her shirt back, revealing the black lingerie below her waist. She gave her boyfriend intense bedroom eyes, but Connor, realizing that his brother was now his lover in body and mind, wasted no time.

He pinned her down to the carpet and began rubbing her soft, curvy figure all over. She smiled as she felt Connor’s facial stubble brushing against her sensitive breasts. His warm breath between her cleavage was driving her wild. She moaned as he tore open her shirt, letting her massive breasts fall and jiggle to each side. He lifted her legs and pulled down her lingerie, leaving her completely nude on the floor. Her breathing intensified as she watched him look her up and down, taking in her immense beauty before beginning to undo his pants. She spread her legs as his throbbing cock popped up, the familiar smell of it filling her nostrils. The two locked eyes as he bent down and plunged his dick into her aching pussy, her pubes lightly tickling it as he thrust back and forth. She writhed in pleasure as her insides were jostled by her boyfriend’s perfect cock, moaning and running her hands through her hair in ecstasy. Connor watched as his girlfriend’s boobs bounced up and down with each thrust, her moans and motions only making him hornier.

Ahh, AHHHHH, YESSS BABE! KEEP GOIN’ ” She moaned, her accent only turning him on more. She tightened her new pelvic muscles around his dick as she came closer to climaxing, satisfied with the grunts of pleasure she was drawing out of her boyfriend. Her orgasmic sensations continued to intensify as she continued to change subtly with each thrust. Connor’s hands seemed to be subconsciously molding her to perfection with each touch. She arched her back as he ran his hands up and down her body, enraptured by the feelings of being molded into Connor’s perfect woman. He was too focused on fucking to notice it, but with each blink of his eyes he swore she was getting even more beautiful. After minutes of sweating and rolling around on the floor, they both felt an explosion of ecstasy as their moans echoed through the house. She smiled as she felt his cum sloshing around inside her new sex. He pulled his dick out of her dripping pussy slowly, savoring every last moment. He leaned back and watched Jessica continuing to writhe in pleasure, admiring every inch of her body and happy that he could satisfy her. She truly was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Jessica finally opened her eyes as her orgasmic high began to fade and stared at her boyfriend. He was so good to her, and as much as she loved getting fucked by him, she loved the time they spend together outside of the bedroom even more. She was so happy that Connor found her on MatchMkr. They really were the perfect match.