Secret Valentine (TG AP)

“Hah! Is Jake trying to fake having a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?” Luke laughed as he picked up the rose lying on his older brother’s bed. He knew his older brother didn’t have a girlfriend, but never understood why he was so desperate for one. The naive boy was barely old enough to start feeling attracted to girls and always thought his older brother was crazy for wanting a girlfriend so bad. To Luke, girls were still icky and mysterious. He thought the whole idea of Valentine’s Day was silly, but found himself admiring the beauty of the flower in his hand. He lifted it to his face and inhaled the feminine scent, surprised by how good it smelled. Still, he began chuckling to himself as he set it back down on his brother’s bed.

“There’s no way he has a secret Valentine. He definitely bought this for himself. Oh man, I can’t wait to tell everyone about this!” 

He was about to walk back to his room when a wave of dizziness washed over him, accompanied by the overpowering scent of the rose filling his nostrils. He sat down on the bed and tried to steady himself, wondering if he was allergic to the flower. His panic began to grow along with his body, slowly at first, but it didn’t take him long to realize that something was very off. He grabbed his head in shock as his scalp began to itch, noticing his brown hair beginning to drift in and out of his eyesight. He began to groan as pressure built up across his body, pushing his limbs and frame outwards and stretching his t-shirt against his maturing chest. He felt a mix of confusion and excitement as his muscles swelled with adolescent strength, realizing that he was rapidly growing older, but not understanding why. His nerve centers grew more sensitive by the second as his budding sexuality was accelerated, his body twitching in confusion as his boyhood began to harden against his tightening pants. He didn’t understand the feelings surging through his aging body, but he thought that he liked them. His nipples hardened against his body-hugging shirt as the fabric moved across his chest, exciting him even more.

“No way! I’m becoming a grown-up like Jake! I don’t know how…but this is awesome!” exclaimed the changing boy. In a matter of minutes, he’d grown as old as his brother, and he couldn’t be more ecstatic. He was about to run out and show off his incredible growth spurt to his family, but a budding sensation in his chest gave him pause. He looked down in concern as he felt blood rushing to the area, leaving his pecs tender and puffy as his nipples began to poke through his shirt.

His excitement quickly gave way to fear as his metamorphosis grew more dramatic. He noticed his breathing speeding up as his heart rate increased, his chest pulsing alongside his cardiac rhythm. He tried taking deeper breaths to calm himself down, but with each inhale he noticed his pecs beginning to expand. He looked down in shock, unable to stop his panicked breaths as his chest inflated in a distinctly feminine way. His budding breasts were coverable by his hands at first, but as the supple flesh filled his trembling hands, he began to realize that he wasn’t just getting older. His groans walked the line between pain and pleasure as his increasingly busty chest took in the various sensations of his tearing shirt and massaging hands, triggering foreign pleasure zones that a young boy like him couldn’t even imagine. He reluctantly squeezed his jiggling chest, watching his new cleavage grow sizable as his shirt struggled to contain the mounds of growing flesh. With a loud rip, his new bust was exposed to the cool air of the room as his shirt was left in tatters. He tore his hands away from his new chest in a moment of clarity, shunning off the pleasures of his increasingly sensitive body and trying to focus on what the hell was happening to him. Focusing was hard for the boy, though, as the shredded threads of his clothes almost immediately began dancing across his skin like they were stitching themselves into something completely new. He watched his cleavage heave up and down with his panicked breaths as his midriff forced air out of his body, tightening and widening into a feminine outline. 

“What the fuck?!” he screamed as he looked over his once masculine body. He covered his mouth in shock at his choice of words. He never really swore before, but it seemed he was getting older in both body and mind. He was beginning to speak like his brother, but he definitely didn’t look like him. He stood up, still dizzied by his increased height, when he felt the transformative sensations trickle down his body. His midriff finished tightening up, leaving him with a curvy, athletic core from years of after-school sports. His hips shook uncomfortably as they widened, the left side cracking out painfully before the right quickly matched its proportions. His slender legs filled with just enough muscle to keep him athletic as the gap between his thighs increased, leaving his adolescent member dangling between his feminine new inner thighs. He ran his delicate new fingers through his silky hair as it tumbled down past his neck, hoping that his transformation wouldn’t go any further. His ripping jeans were an indication that there was still a long way to go for the confused boy.

“No, please, I don’t want to be a girl! I thought I was just growing older! Older girls are gross- GHAAA!” he moaned as another feminine pulse overtook him. He thrust his chest forward as his breasts grew another size larger, tearing his shirt even more. His hips grew even wider as his legs became thicker, pressing up against his twitching cock. He felt his face beginning to tingle as it aged to match his new body, his features growing soft and feminine as his quivering lips parted in shock. 

“Not…my…crotchhhhhhhaaaaaa!” he moaned as his voice grew sultry. He looked down past his massive new breasts as he felt a tingling growing between his legs. His jeans had torn themselves into a pair of revealing shorts, exposing his milky new thighs as they tightened around his member. Moans of reluctant pleasure slipped out of his trembling mouth as his boyhood began to invert. His balls went first, being slurped up into his abdomen like boba in bubble tea as the residual skin from his sack formed into a pair of sensitive lips between his legs. His pupils dilated as he felt a flood of estrogen being pumped through him by his former testes. He gasped in awe as he felt a new womb forming above his crotch, his pelvic area opening new caverns for his changing reproductive system. Memories of sex ed and parental talks he never had populated his mind as he gained intimate knowledge of female sex organs just in time for the last of his manhood to begin its departure. He wanted to cry as he felt his stiff shaft receding and unfolding inside of him, but he wasn’t sure if the tears were from pain or pleasure. He was gaining the ability to bear new life and feel exclusively feminine pleasure, but the dominant part of his mind still thought girls were weird and gross. With a final orgasmic jolt, the head of his throbbing cock condensed into a bundle of nerves and set itself at the top of his new pussy. His freshly formed clit was already begging for stimulation, but Luke was too shocked and scared to find out if he truly had girl parts between his legs now. Instead, he looked down at his alluring body and watched his clothes continue to transform, turning shades darker as they continued to stitch themselves into something more fitting for his new body. 

 He tried to fight the growing urges coming from between his legs, hoping that there was still time to get help. He clenched his teeth and began walking towards the door, his clothes changing and tightening around his new curves with each passing moment. He couldn’t help but notice how much his hips swayed with each step, and how strange it was to walk without his male equipment between his legs. He was about to exit the room when he caught of glimpse of himself in the mirror. He was stunned at his reflection, not fully believing that he was looking at himself. He definitely looked older now…and curvier…just like the older girls in school that his brother obsessed over. He felt a sense of confidence beginning to grow as he stared at his changing reflection, though he didn’t want to admit it. He felt another pressure building in his ass and turned himself to watch as his buttcheeks swelled into a perfect peach shape. His clothes tightened around his new behind as they continued to grow darker, accentuating his feminine spinal curve and highlighting the outline of his growing ass. He knew he should’ve been horrified by what he was seeing, but it was beginning to feel good to stare at himself. He could even feel the desire for other people to stare at him growing in his mind. He watched his eyes grow less panicked and more sultry as his hair took on a fruity scent from years of strict hair care routines. The smell of the rose entered his nostrils again, putting him even more at ease as his clothes continued to restitch themselves. He wanted to fight it, to resist becoming a girl, but something was happening in his mind that was turning a previously horrifying experience into a desirable one. 

“This is wrong…I don’t want to be a girl…do I? I don’t want to feel soft…and vulnerable…and seductive…confident…sexy…” he mumbled, trying to retain his boyish personality as the estrogen finally reached his brain. He closed his eyes as images of feminine youth burned into his mind. He remembered his first period and how embarrassing it was. He remembered the confusing feelings he felt when he began looking at boys in a different way. He remembered the countless boys at school who threw themselves at his feet, begging to go to a dance together. 

Nnnhhh- nooo…these aren’t my memories…but I like them…” he moaned, running his hands through his hair like he was trying to pluck them out of his head. His recollections got more intense as the sensuality of them increased, remembering the temperature, smells, and touch of specific days and people. He remembered the first time he wore a bikini to the pool, and how good it felt to have everyone stare. He remembered the first date he went on at the local diner where he shared a strawberry milkshake with the varsity quarterback. He remembered his first kiss under the bleachers, and how quickly it turned into the night he lost his virginity to a classmate that was more nervous than he was. His worried expression curled into a smile as the feelings of sex flooded his mind, the remembrance of feminine sensations overpowering his childish fear of women. He loved having his tits fondled. He loved getting fingerbanged at the cafeteria tables. He locked sucking cock afterschool in the locker rooms. He loved getting cute notes from boys too nervous to talk to him. He loved cheesy romantic gestures. He loved…his boyfriend.

His moans grew more intense as he felt a lifetime of pleasure and emotion all at once. He could feel his pussy moistening as he danced between his old and new lives. He thought he was Luke, a naive little boy who’d barely entered puberty, but that name and life felt more like a dream with each passing second. He felt like he was dreaming and couldn’t wake up, at least not as his old self, but he was beginning to realize that he didn’t want to be Luke anymore. “I…I’m…Luk…Lu…Lucy!” the boy screamed in orgasmic pleasure as he embraced his new self. 

Lucy shivered as her clothes finished stitching themselves into a beautiful white dress with black trim. Her hair cascaded perfectly over the side of her head and past her shoulder as a necklace materialized around her neck. Makeup applied itself to her face as she opened her gorgeous green eyes and took in her surroundings. For a brief moment, she felt like she was in her older brother’s room…but she didn’t have an older brother. She was in her boyfriend’s room! She smiled as she saw the roses that Jake laid out for her, feeling a sense of love and warmth trickle through her body as she thought about how sweet her boyfriend was. Jake wasn’t a star quarterback or a musician, but he was romantic in a way that gave her butterflies in her stomach like no other boy could. She couldn’t wait for their Valentine’s date tonight, thanks in no small part to Jake’s proficiency in bed. She turned towards the door as she heard it unlatch, ecstatic to see her boyfriend again.

“Holy shit, babe! You look amazing!” Jake said, running his eyes up and down the beautiful woman standing in front of him. He blushed at the sight of his girlfriend, still not sure how he managed to be dating the most beautiful girl in town for over two years. 

“Awww, thanks honey. You’re not too bad yourself,” she said, wrapping her arms around his neck and giving him a long, passionate kiss. “Thanks for the flowers, sweetie. I can already tell this is going to be the best Valentine’s Day ever.”