Do You Dare? (TG AP)

“This is so stupid. I don’t know why I even agreed to this stupid dare,” Mitch grumbled as he slipped the feminine bra over his shoulder. 

“Because you’re too scared to tell me who you like in class! That’s how truth or dare works, dude.” Ben replied, getting a little too much satisfaction out of watching his friend struggle with his mom’s undergarment. 

“I’m never playing truth or dare with you again. Why would you even think of a dare like this?”

“Because I knew how much you’d hate it, and I was right. Also…I get to do this!” With a flash, Ben snapped a photo of his embarrassed friend and immediately began prepping it for the group chat. 

“You son of a bitch! I’ll kill you if you show that to anyone!” Mitch screamed, lunging for his friend’s phone. “Don’t make me ground you!”

“Ground me? Dude, just because you’re wearing her bra doesn’t mean you’re actually my…mom…” Ben trailed off as he looked at his friend. Something was off about him…like he’d grown taller in these past few seconds.

“S- sorry, I don’t know where that came from. Help me get this stupid thing off, I’m starting to feel kinda weird…” Mitch said, noticing his growing hair in the corner of his eye.

“Mitch? W- what’s happening to you?” Ben trembled as he watched his friend’s growth spurt begin to speed up. 

“I don’t know! Everything is starting to look a little smaller…aren’t we the same height?! Why are you shorter than me?! And my hair…” Mitch said, grabbing a clump of his lengthening strands, “keeps growing! What do I do?!” he screamed at his helpless friend.

Ben could only watch in stunned silence as his friend began to tower over him. It felt like he was looking up at one of his parents! He stepped back as Mitch began to spasm, his gangly body beginning to fill itself out with fat and muscle. Mitch moaned as his frame widened, pops echoing through the bedroom as his hips and shoulders broadened violently. He stumbled around on his lengthening legs as his spine cracked inwards, leaving him with a feminine curve and a new center of gravity. His moans grew deeper as his chest began to swell with supple flesh, filling the cups of the previously empty bra. 

“No, no, no! What’s haaaaaappening to me?!” He moaned as his chest continued to grow, jiggling with every breath. The two friends shivered as they heard Mitch’s voice change into something familiar. Neither wanted to admit it, but Mitch sounded just like Ben’s mother. 

“Y…you sound like…” Ben whimpered.

Y…your mom…” Mitch replied, grimacing at the voice coming out of his mouth. “Why is this happening?! I don’t want to be your moooOOOOHHHHHH!” 

Mitch’s moans grew loud and sensual as he felt a tingling in his crotch. He gasped as his shorts tightened into a black pair of panties to match the bra, pushing his boyhood inwards and forcing his organs to rearrange. He couldn’t help but moan in pleasure as his shaft slipped past the fleshy lips between his legs, the nerves in his junk shifting themselves to the tip of his new clit. He felt his crotch moistening with alien fluids as his male organs slipped around, settling into a pair of ovaries and a fertile womb deep within his aching new orifice. He involuntarily curled his feminine toes as the pleasure of his morphing sex shot into his mind, reveling in the intoxicating sensations as his friend watched his face contort. The rush of female puberty smoothed out any imperfections left on the boy’s skin as his hair grew even longer, taking on an alluring sheen. He looked down at his terrified friend as the pleasure subsided, unsure of what to say. He didn’t want to be a woman, to be a mother, but he couldn’t deny how good it was beginning to feel.

Ben…I…I don’t want to be her! I don’t want to be your mom! I want to be your friend! How do I change back?!” he yelled futilely at his trembling friend. 

“I…I’m sorry…I don’t understand what’s happening…” he whimpered. He could only watch as his friend’s transformation into his mom progressed. Mitch began to quiver as another warmth spread throughout his body.

Oh god…it’s not over!?” He yelled, bracing for more changes. He threw his head back as his breasts began to grow again, swelling and pumping a layer of fat beneath his skin. He felt his muscles tense and swell from years of moderate exercise before they were covered with a layer of baby fat. He felt his nipples tingle and grow from breastfeeding as his new vagina loosened slightly, taking on signs of motherhood and natural childbirth. His curves grew more defined as he aged years by the second, stopping at the ripe age of 42. His ass swelled before sagging lightly, swallowing up the backside of his already tight panties. He winced as he felt slight wrinkles beginning to form along his skin, but a feminine skincare routine did a decent job keeping them at bay.

N…no! Not her memories! I’m not a girl! I’m not a moth- errrrr…he trailed off as his mind began to warp. He wanted to cry as images of tampons and bleeding entered his mind. He remembered how scary it was to go through puberty, to have the boys start acting weird around him, to start looking at the boys himself. He wanted to fight it, but as images of Ben’s father began to burn into his brain, he felt a sense of comfort growing. He remembered the hugs…the kisses…the sex. His grimace began to contort into a grin as pangs of pleasure came from the recesses of his mind. The feeling of having his breasts grabbed, the sensations of a man’s fingers between his legs, the warmth of Ben’s father pushing deep inside him. He ran his hands through his silky hair as new instincts wormed their way into his mind, shaping him into a loving wife and caring mother. He smiled at the memories of carrying Ben to term, delivering him, breastfeeding him, and watching him grow into a fine young boy. With a final burst of ecstasy, Mitch remembered the night of Ben’s conception. He wanted this life, he wanted to be Ben’s mother. He wanted to be more than friends to Ben…he wanted to be family. With a final moan of acceptance, and one more orgasmic shudder, she was. 

“M…Mitch?” Ben asked as he looked up at his former friend turned mother. 

Oh, Ben! What are you doing in here? You shouldn’t see me like this. I only put this on as a…uhh…surprise for your father.” The new woman said, embarrassed to be seen like this by her young son. “Go on back to your room, okay? Your father and I need to have a discussion. Oh, but if you see him out there, let him know to come talk to me. Love you, sweetie!”

Ben walked out of his parent’s bedroom, still trying to work out what just happened. What happened to his real mom? Could he turn Mitch back somehow? Why did he make his friend do that stupid dare?! Meanwhile, his new mother waited eagerly in the lingerie her husband bought for her. She didn’t know why, but she was feeling hornier than she’d ever felt in her life. Finally, her husband walked through the door, stunned by the sight of his beautiful wife beckoning him to bed. 

You’re finally home, honey! I figured you’d like to see me in the new clothes you got me, and it looks like they’re working!” She snickered as she watched the bulge growing in her husband’s pants. “So, how do you feel about trying to give Ben another sibling?” 

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