Stream Dream (TG AP)

Nick was exhausted. He wanted to be a famous streamer like any other teenager these days, but he didn’t know how he could possibly keep up with school, homework, and a regular streaming schedule. He’d been at it for months, but his sub count wasn’t even in the 20s yet. Desperate, the boy turned to some black market solutions to increase his view count. He’d found a website that offered a package that guaranteed 1000s of new subscribers in a matter of days, and while he knew that buying viewers wasn’t the best way to grow a channel, he didn’t know what else to do. He took his mom’s credit card out and began to punch in the numbers, hoping she wouldn’t notice the charge on her bill. After a brief moment of hesitation, he clicked the submit order button. He felt a jolt run through his body as he completed the transaction, but didn’t think much of it, quickly tabbing over to his Twitch channel to watch his subscriber count grow. 

“Hmm, maybe it takes a few hours…” he grumbled as his sub count stayed stagnant. He was so focused on the screen that he barely noticed himself beginning to grow, his clothes beginning to tighten against his body with each passing second. “Might as well go live. Maybe I have to be streaming for it to work.” He said, clicking a few buttons and adjusting his camera. He suddenly felt thirsty and was about to grab a drink from the fridge when he finally noticed his changing body. His shoulders were broader and his torso was elongating, lifting and stretching his shirt to its limit. “What the hell?!” He stammered, reaching up to touch his growing chest. He became acutely aware of the sensations coursing through his body as two mounds of flesh began to grow beneath his shirt.

“W- what’s going on?! I feel- GHAAA!” He screamed as his body continued to age. He shifted around violently as his joints popped and cracked, extending his arms and legs into maturity. He gasped as another jolt ran up his spine, wincing as each vertebra popped and pushed his height upwards. His midriff tightened as his spine curved in, forcing his posture into something much more feminine. The growths on his chest continued to swell, bouncing up and down as his adolescent frame grew curvier by the second. Panic and pleasure began to mix in his mind as his enlarged nipples rubbed against his changing shirt, sending foreign signals through his nervous system that caused his cock to twitch. He instinctively squeezed one of his growing breasts and cooed, confused by both the feelings it unleashed and the delicateness of his changing voice. He looked down at his aging body with confusion and lust, tracing the curves of his new cleavage as his heart began to race. His teenage hormones were going wild, driving him to seek out the pleasure of his feminizing form despite his reluctance to believe that he was transforming into a girl. He let out a fully feminine gasp as his hair tumbled into his vision, smelling sweet and resting just above his sizable new chest.

“Why am I becoming a girl?! I…I don’t want to be a girl…but it ffffffeeellss so goooood!” He moaned as the changes moved down his body. His legs began to quake as they filled with fat and muscle, splitting his pants at the seams. He gasped as he felt his milky inner thighs rubbing against his cock, precum dribbling out as he shifted around uncomfortably. His ass began to inflate, pushing him even further up in his chair as a cushion of flesh settled into an alluring peach shape beneath his skin. He looked down and flexed his feminine new toes, enamored by how well manicured they were. The shifting of his clothes tickled his sensitive new skin as they began to restitch themselves into something more fitting for his new body, exposing more skin to the world than he ever would as a boy. His hair began to turn a lighter shade as his outfit changed, almost looking blonde with streaks of color hidden within. Suddenly, he arched his back and grabbed his head as he felt something happening between his legs. His stiff member began to retreat inside of him, sending more feminine pleasure signals to his brain as it slowly rubbed against his moistening pussy lips. He moaned between porn-star breaths as he felt his insides shifting around and settling into their new positions. His clit quivered with desire as nerve endings coated the tip and walls of his new sex, setting off fireworks of orgasmic sensations in his mind. His eyes fluttered as he tried to make sense of everything he was feeling. He began to breathe faster as estrogen pumped through his veins, smoothing out his male imperfections and increasing his already heightened sensitivity. Finally, a black choker tightened around his neck, only increasing his pleasure as thoughts of being choked out during sex began to seep into his mind.

Nngh, nhaaa, no! I’m not a guhhh- girl!” He struggled to say between waves of pleasure. He was a boy, he didn’t want to like this, but what he wanted and what he felt were very much at odds. “I don’t like boys! I don’t want to picture having…sex…with…” he trailed off as the thought unlocked more mental waves of his changing preferences. He thought he was still a virgin, but began to remember his first time in high school. He could feel the excitement growing in him as his classmate slipped his hand beneath his skirt, tickling his pussy as it grew wet with desire. He could remember the satisfaction he felt from wrapping his legs around countless men, forcing their cocks as deep as they could go. He remembered how easy it was to get men to do favors for him simply by showing a little cleavage, or wearing a short skirt in public. He remembered how good it felt to be thrown around on the bed like a doll, to have every hole filled, to scream out in ecstasy as he was covered in cum. Nick’s eyes rolled back as his hair turned a bright shade of pink, growing past his shoulders as his outfit completed itself. He rubbed his massive tits and moaned as he thought of all the men who’d played with them. He licked his perfect teeth as memories of blowjobs ingrained themselves into his mind, reveling in how easily he could make men cum. He arched his back one last time as feminine juices began to dampen his underwear, flooding his crotch as wave after wave of a lifetime of orgasms hit him at once. With a desperate moan, Nick gave in to his new life as a top streamer, letting his old life as a teen boy fall to the back of his mind. Nikki was here, and she felt better than Nick ever could.

Oh, hey boys and girls. Did you like that little show I just put on for you? Hah, I’m such a bimbo. I forgot I was even live!” The new woman said as she watched her viewers skyrocket into the hundreds of thousands. She loved this life and all of its perks. Being an absolute slut for her viewers was her idea of fun, and her bank account certainly wasn’t suffering. She could fuck any guy she wanted at any time, and buy anything she’d ever desire. She smiled at the camera as her Twitch chat was going crazy with guys simping for her and donating just to hear her say their names. She hiked her panties up and pressed her boobs together, winking at the camera as she prepared to put on another show for her viewers. “Alright, kids, who’s ready for the livestream of their dreams?!” 

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  1. Sorry for asking, in the penultimate and last frame, what are the drawings of the panties supposed to be? Sorry for not distinguishing them. And in the penultimate, what is the black blur that is on the neck at the height of the choker?

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