TGAgency: Contract 5 (TF TG AP)

Client submitted a request to see “Proof of the Easter Bunny” with no subject defined, so we assume this was a self-request. Client was relocated to a secluded area of the woods to maintain confidentiality and give the client/subject a suitable habitat to roam post-conversion. Seeing as the “Easter Bunny” does not exist, our genetics team took this as an opportunity to refine their hybridization technology and create our own version of the “Easter Bunny” that appears to have satisfied the client. The new hybrid bunny creature has had no difficulty adapting to the wilderness thanks to her new instincts, though there have been increasing reports of hikers engaging in intimate contact with the hybrid creature. She seems to be becoming an urban legend herself, though stories of her sightings are less innocent than the traditional “Easter Bunny”. We colloquially call her simply “Bunny” around the agency, and the genetics team has theorized that her new pheromones have made her irresistible to men. We’ve even had some staff grow increasingly infatuated with her, though it is strictly against policy to interact with any clients or subjects once conversion is complete.   

Happy Easter! Meant to get this one out in time for the holiday.