TGAgency: Contract 6 (TG AP Sequence)

This client is a librarian at an undisclosed high school who requested our help with a particularly troublesome student. The subject is Chad, a class clown who has a habit of disrupting study sessions in the library, but who’s family has enough power with the school board to keep him from getting reprimanded. The client requested a behavioral adjustment on the subject, but we took it upon ourselves to alleviate the client’s normal workload as well by converting the subject into the client’s new assistant. Post-conversion, the subject, now known as Christy, is a diligent college student who volunteered to help out at her high school’s library while pursuing her degree in archival management. The subjects intellect has been substantially increased to accommodate her new lifestyle, and the client couldn’t be happier. Amnestics have been utilized on the relevant acquaintances an family members to maintain a sense of continuity for all involved. The overall process is considered a success of the highest order, with the client satisfied by their new assistant, and the subject quickly rising to the top of her class.