TGAgency: Contract 8 (MLP TF TG)

This client requested our help to convince her older brother to play with her more often. The client is very fond of My Little Pony, so our genetics team took it upon themselves to craft the client a magical pony of her very own. Since there are no magical ponies in reality to draw from, our team synthesized what they could from equine DNA and [redacted] artifacts to convert the subject into the best approximation of a My Little Pony style species for this contract. Post-conversion, the subject has displayed limited magical abilities, such as levitation and telepathy, but we are currently unsure what the limit of their new powers are, so extended observation has been authorized. The subject has also fully embraced their new identity, displaying an extreme level of friendliness with anyone she comes in contact with, and has adopted a protective nature of the client (likely residual instincts from her life as the client’s older brother). The client reported extreme satisfaction with our contract, and still can’t believe she’s best friends with a “real life magical pony”.