Fertile Land (TG/AP/Pregnant)

Chris was on vacation with his family. They had a habit of choosing strange vacation spots, and this year was no different. The family had traveled to a remote part of China and hired a guide to show them through the lands of one of the last remaining tribes in the region. Chris wasn’t too fond of the idea, but his mom always insisted on experiencing new cultures, and not just visiting the tourist traps of popular countries. Little did they know that poor Chris was about to experience a new culture in a way that no one could’ve imagined.

The family stuck close to the guide as he walked them through the bamboo village. He explained the traditions of the culture, what they eat, and what gods they worshipped. The young boy was dragging behind his family, taking pictures for his Instagram at every opportunity. He overheard the guide mention something about a fertility goddess that the tribe still worshipped, but wasn’t paying much attention. As he was about to snap another photo of a traditional bamboo hut, he felt a tugging on his shirt. He turned and saw an adorable little girl wearing some tattered wrappings. She wasn’t saying anything, likely because she didn’t speak english, but she seemed to be beckoning him to follow her. Wanting to get a few more pictures for his social media, he followed the little girl as she led him into a hut. It was clean inside, for a hut, with nothing inside save for a bowl of fruit in a corner. The little girl ran over and pulled a banana out of the bunch, handing it to Chris with excitement. He was a little hesitant, but he’d eaten bananas before and this one looked fine, so he peeled it and took a bite, smiling at the little girl as he did. The little girl made munching motions with her mouth, implying that she wanted him to finish it. He did so, not wanting to offend her. She clapped excitedly as he pulled the last piece from the peel and popped it into his mouth. She squealed with joy, saying things in her native language that passed right through Chris’ American head. She kept repeating the same word, and before long, that alien word began to sound like “mommy” to Chris’ ears.

Chris was beginning to feel a little weird. Deciding it was time to reunite with his family, he smiled and bowed to the little girl. He turned and was about to leave when he heard,

“You can’t go yet!”

“Whoa, you speak English?” Chris asked, surprised. “Wait…why does my voice sound…”

The word coming out of Chris’ mouth were no longer english. He didn’t know what language it was, but for some reason it all made sense to him. He pulled out his phone in a panic and dropped it in shock as he realized that the letters on the phone no longer made sense to him.

“What did you do to me?!” he yelled.

“My mommy isn’t here anymore, and I wanted a new one. I prayed to the goddess and she told me to offer one of her fruits to someone in exchange for my prayers to be answered. You ate it so quickly, I couldn’t believe it! Now the goddess will give me a new mommy!”

Chris was so shaken at his understanding of the alien language coming out of the girl’s mouth that he was barely paying attention to what she was saying. He didn’t need to understand the coming changes for them to take hold. He let out a groan as he rapidly began to grow, his height increasing until he towered over the little girl. Bones began to shift beneath his softening skin, growing and popping as his frame grew mature and feminine. He waved his lengthening arms in a panic as he tried to maintain balance during his growth spurt. He held his hands up to his face as his fingers began to crack and grow one by one. He ran a feminine finger over his new skin, mesmerized by how soft and smooth it had become. He moaned again as his vertebrae began to pop and shift, moving inwards with a crack and leaving him with a feminine arch. His hips were next, jutting outwards with another loud crack and leaving him with womanly curves that perfectly suited childbearing. He looked at his elongating legs in shock as his thighs began to thicken, tearing his cargo shorts and boxers as they went. He flexed his feet as they grew petite and feminine, bursting out of his sneakers in the process.

His growing thighs were beginning to squeeze his boyhood, but as he reached down to save his junk from being crushed, a flood of relief came from his crotch. He felt his boyhood rapidly retract up into his abdomen, morphing into a female reproductive system as it went. He heard a gurgling in his stomach as his organs shifted around to make room for his new organs. As his new womb and ovaries settled, all that was left was a warm pair of lips between his legs. He ran a feminine finger across the top of his dampening new sex and let out a feminine coo, surprised by the erotic new sensations it was sending through his body. He was also surprised by the sound that had just come out of his mouth. Not only had he lost his language, but his voice now sounded feminine, soothing, and to his dismay, motherly.

“Yay! You’re like me now!” the little girl exclaimed, awkwardly pointing at her crotch. This did nothing to comfort Chris.

“Please, change me back. I don’t want to be your mommy! I want to see my mommy!” Chris pleaded.

“But mommy, I want a little sister! The goddess said I could have one!”

A look of dread came over Chris’ face as he felt his new reproductive organs whir to life. His new ovaries began to pump a lifetime of estrogen into his changing body, speeding up the changes and readying his new womb. He felt a swelling beginning to grow in his chest and abdomen. He looked down in terror as his belly began to bulge, new life growing within. He felt something growing within him, horrified at the thought. He was so transfixed by his growing belly that he hadn’t even noticed his growing chest until it tore through his t-shirt and blocked the view of his new belly. He fell to his knees in terror, refusing to believe that his new cleavage belonged to him.

“Please…I don’ want to- oh!” he yelled as the little girl poked one of his new breasts and laughed. He was disgusted by how sensitive the flesh hanging off his chest was.

“Wow, the goddess really wants you to have enough to feed the baby,” the little girl said with a chuckle. Chris let out another feminine moan as his already sizeable breasts began to swell even more, filling themselves with milk and forcing his new nipples outwards for easy access for the baby. He grabbed his belly in dismay, recoiling as he felt a small kick come from inside him. He began to cry, wishing he’d just stayed with the guide. He was just a boy, he had a life and a family in another country. He didn’t belong here. He reached up to wipe his tears and felt his hair dangling down to his cheeks. He held his face as a few more subtle cracks shifted his face into a motherly form, growing soft and alluring, yet welcoming. He looked at his reflection in the glass of his dropped phone, horrified that he didn’t even recognize himself anymore. His growing hair now tickled the bottom of his back, becoming long and silky as it grew. He slumped forward in defeat, disgusted by the new weight hanging off his body.

“How can I be your mommy? I don’t even know your name,” Chris said between sobs.

“Of course you do, mommy! I’m Miao, and you’re Sai!” the girl exclaimed as she ran in for a hug. The little girl kneeled down and placed her head on Chris’ new belly, smiling and rubbing it gently. Hearing those names unleashed a flood of foreign memories in Chris’ mind. Obviously the little girl was Miao, and he was Sai…right? How could he forget? He began to feel a soothing warmth coming from his belly and soon embraced the little girl against his will. This was his daughter…no, this was the girl that turned him into this…beautiful woman. He tried to fight the new personality taking over, but it felt so right to be a mother. He wanted to care for his family…didn’t he? No, he was a young American boy, not some tribal matriarch. He tried to push the little girl away and make a break for his aloof family, but a sudden jolt of pleasure came from his new clit as images of a muscular young man forced their way into his mind. Chris wanted to scream, but the more ingrained the images of the young hunter became, the more he felt his new pussy moistening. Memories of growing up with the young man flooded his mind, soon turning to memories of falling in love with the handsome hunter and culminating with the night that Miao was conceived. He moaned as raw orgasmic pleasure surged through his sensitive new body, remembering the first night he spent with the man.

“This…can’t…be…” he huffed between breaths, trying to resist his growing desires. His incoming memories soon turned motherly as he remembered giving birth to Miao. Breastfeeding, caressing, and raising the little girl had become a part of him. He loved his daughter, and he’d show that same love to the child growing inside him. His resistance began to fade as the satisfaction of motherhood began to take hold. He’d never felt anything like this before, both physically and emotionally. This body wanted him to accept his new life, and he knew he couldn’t fight it much longer. The name Chris began to feel like a dream fading in the morning. His old life was disappearing, being replaced with that of a caring, simple life of an indigenous mother. He wiped his tears away one last time and looked at the little girl hugging him.

“I love you, mommy,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. With those words, Chris accepted his new life and smiled at his…no, her daughter. She put one hand on her daughter while caressing her belly with the other and smiled.

“I love you, too.” she replied in her new native tongue. This is why she was here. The goddess had blessed her family with new life, and she was the perfect creature to care for them. Thoughts of giving birth and raising another child filled her with a satisfying warmth. She couldn’t wait to give her husband another daughter, and to give Miao the little sister she’d been wishing for. The new mother grabbed a tattered skirt she’d found while foraging and wrapped it around her waist. The pair stood up and walked outside, the mother’s swollen breasts swinging freely. They spotted a couple of Americans walking around the village, calling for someone named “Chris” and holding their phones up in an effort to get a signal. Silly foreigners, don’t they know that their technology won’t work out here? The older American man noticed Sai and her daughter standing in front of their hut and stared, mouth agape, at the beautiful, shirtless woman until his wife forcefully dragged him away. She couldn’t understand what the people were saying, but it didn’t sound like she was happy with him. The couple resumed their search for “Chris” while the mother and daughter began to make their way to the praying grounds. It was time for their daily prayer to the fertility goddess. They were thankful for everything she had given their people. After all, it would be rather difficult to grow enough food for their newest tribe members if it wasn’t for this fertile land.

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