A Wish Gone Wrong (TG/AP)

“I wish I could set the rules around here.”

It was a simple wish, said in the heat of the moment as Timmy and Billy were preparing to say goodbye for the weekend. The boys didn’t think anything would come of it, but for some reason, it seems the universe was listening this time. Timmy didn’t want to go back home, and after receiving a phone call that his parents were on their way to pick him up, he uttered those fateful words. Billy’s parents kept saying that he wasn’t old enough to have sleepovers yet, and all Timmy wanted to do was change that. He didn’t expect to change so much himself.

Moments after making his wish, little Timmy felt a chill run up his spine. Walking began to get difficult as his whole body began to feel like jello. 

“Whoa, are you…growing?” Billy exclaimed as he watched his friend begin to grow taller. Timmy was shocked at the statement, but upon looking down, he realized that he was rapidly gaining height. He gasped in shock as his boyish body rapidly grew too big for his clothes. His bones shifted and grew as his clothing began to tear, revealing soft, mature skin underneath. He fell onto his back as his legs began to thicken, growing long and alluring as his feet cracked and popped. He grunted in pain as his hips forcefully widened, shredding what was left of his boxers. He felt fat beginning to well up in his butt, pushing him upwards as he behind took on a supple peach shape. 

“Wha- what’s happening to me?!” Timmy squealed. He reached for his groin with his alien new arms as he felt a tingling sensation beginning to build. He groaned in a deepening, feminizing voice as his member was tugged between his legs. He rubbed a newly manicured hand across his changing sex, mesmerized by how warm and wet it was becomming. With a wet slurp, the rest of his boyhood was inverted into a mature reproductive system, leaving behind a tight clit where his member once was. He moaned again in his new voice, intoxicated by the new sensations coursing through his body, but to Billy’s horror, he recognized the voice coming out of his friend’s mouth. 

“M- mom?” Billy whimpered. Timmy’s stomach dropped as he realized what was happening. His new ovaries began to pump estrogen through his changing body as a tuft of pubic hair sprouted above his new sex. His breathing grew heavy as his chest began to tingle. The boys looked down as two breasts began to emerge from Timmy’s previously flat chest. He couldn’t help but moan a little more as the cool air blew against his growing nipples. He wanted to cry as he watched his new boobs continue to grow, weighing down his chest as new muscles formed in his back to balance him out. Timmy stared at his massive, exposed breasts, poking one and suddenly reeling from the pleasure. He didn’t want to believe they were his, but he couldn’t help but love the feeling they were sending through his body.

Billy stood in shock as his friend continued to transform into his mother before his very eyes. Timmy was even beginning to smell like his mother. He felt wrong staring at the naked, writhing combination of his mother and best friend, but he didn’t know what to do. 

“Billy, please, make it stop…” Timmy wheezed in his motherly new voice. His scalp began to tingle as silky locks of hair began to tumblr into his vision. He winced as his skull began to reshape itself, growing and maturing as his facial features morphed into those of his best friend’s mother. His eyelids fluttered as his lips parsed, becoming caked in the makeup Billy’s mother wore everyday. He groaned as the physical transformation completed itself, still trying to make sense of his new proportions. He leaned back and exhaled, exhausted from the metamorphosis. Billy stared at his former best friend in horror.

“Timmy, is that still you?” he asked hesitantly. 

“Yeah, I think.” Timmy responded. 

“Um, what’re we gonna tell our parents?”

“I don’t know, but I think I should cover up a little bit.”

Billy was still in shock, and hearing his best friend speaking with his mother’s voice wasn’t helping, but he knew that his mom’s clothes should fit Timmy now. He took his best friend to his parents’ bedroom and pulled what he could find out of his mother’s closet. Timmy slipped into the silk undergarments and snapped a bra around his massive new breasts, surprised by how simple it felt. He’d never worn a bra before, but putting this one on came naturally. As he slipped an apron around his torso, he suddenly felt a wave of memories flood his mind. He felt backwards in a panic as Billy watched, terrified that the changes weren’t over yet. 

“Billy, honey, I- NO!” Timmy screamed, trying to fight his aging mind. He refused to become Billy’s mother. He was his best friend! He tried to block out the memories or raising Billy from birth, from getting married to Billy’s father, and from growing up as his town’s prettiest girl. Time seemed to freeze as the memories grew more vivid, replacing his boyish memories of playing video games and going on bike rides. He remembered the touch of a man, the feeling of being embraced by a handsome, muscular stud, and the taste of his husband’s lips. Timmy wanted to gag, but the wet feeling between his legs began to grow more intense with each new memory. Disgusted with what was coursing through his mind, Timmy finally snapped out of it in one last effort to turn back. 

“Billy, baby, tell your father what happened before it’s too late!” Timmy said in a motherly candor, trying to hold back tears. They heard a door open downstairs as Billy’s father arrived home from the store. Billy ran out of the room, leaving Timmy to fight the mental changes on his own. Visions of breastfeeding Billy forced their way into his mind as Timmy felt his nipples harden. All he wanted was to take back his wish, but as time went on, the new motherly instincts flooding his mind began to feel more right. Suddenly, the bedroom door opened to a handsome man in a suit and tie staring down the woman on the floor. 

“Honey, are you okay?” The man asked as he knelt down to help Timmy up. He wanted to fight it, but the smell of the man’s cologne was overpowering his will. He whimpered as he felt the man grab his arm. He was so strong. He was so cute. He was his…her husband. Timmy’s new libido surged as his sex drive took over. He leapt on the man and pulled out his breasts, giving in to his new sexual instincts as his motherly new personality took hold. He…no, she was Tabitha. She looked at the door to make sure it was closed before alluringly removing her panties. Her husband was taken aback by his wife’s lust, but he wasn’t complaining. She pushed him over and stripped him. Seeing his rock hard dick fling out out his pants drove her into a craze as she immediately mounted him and screamed as his member filled her new sex. Each thrust pushed her memories of being Timmy further back into her mind. She quivered with each movement, relishing in the act of making love as a mature woman. Her screams as she came echoed through the house, much to her son’s horror. The couple basked in the afterglow for a moment as the woman’s memories finished settling into place. She had a loving family, a perfect son, and a husband who wanted more kids. She loved being a mother and wanted nothing more than for her son to be happy. The sex was pretty great too. After cleaning up and getting dressed, the couple walked back out of the bedroom to see their son standing nervously at the end of the hallway.

“What’s wrong, baby?” the woman said, kneeling down to hug her son. 

“T- Timmy?” Billy asked, looking into his mother’s eyes. 

“Timmy? Is he one of your new friends from school?” Billy’s heart sank as he heard his mother’s response. “Well, I’ll tell you what. You’re older now, and I think you’re ready for your first sleepover!”