High Score (TG/AP)

Andy was obsessed with the new arcade down the block from his grade school. If he wasn’t playing at one of the cabinets, he was scouring everywhere for loose change to use at the arcade. All he wanted to do was get his initials onto one of the high score boards. It seemed impossible for the young boy to compete with the high schoolers who were demolishing his scores at every turn, but he refused to give up. He finally saw an opportunity to make his mark one weekend when a Mrs. Pac-Man cabinet was installed. Nobody seemed to be touching the game, probably because none of the boys in the arcade wanted to be seen playing a girly game, but Andy didn’t care. He just wanted to see his initials at the top of the leaderboard. 

He spent the entire weekend feeding the machine quarters, learning the game and getting better and better with each run, but always coming up just short of the high score. He was down to his last quarter, and with sweaty palms, he slipped the coin in, gripped the joystick, and meticulously carved his way to the top of the leaderboard. He wanted to scream in excitement as he saw the 3 flashing letters at the top of the leaderboard. He entered his initials and hit “submit”, but to his surprise, the screen flickered and his initials were changed to AMY. He felt a sudden jolt come from the joystick as he pulled his hand away in shock. He was about to find the arcade manager to tell them what happened when he noticed his nails beginning to tingle and grow. 

“What the heck?” he whimpered as he watched the rest of his hands beginning to grow long and feminine. Soft, pale skin began to cover his body, spreading out from his changing hands and tingling as it went. He began to groan as his limbs began to elongate, cracking and popping quietly as his frame matured in a matter of seconds. Soon he was taller than the cabinet’s screen, and looking down at the plastic allowed him to faintly see his changing reflection. He grunted again as his frame continued to shift, his hips growing wider while his spine cracked inwards. He wanted to cry in confusion, but recoiled when he heard his boyish whimpers growing more feminine and alluring.

He let out a fully feminine moan as a wave of sensations suddenly assaulted his crotch. His tightening boy clothes were painfully squeezing his member, but with a sudden slurp, he felt his boy parts slip upwards into his abdomen. His breathing grew heavy as a tight clit settled between his legs, growing more sensitive by the second as his boy parts rearranged themselves into a brand new female reproductive system. Alien thoughts began to course through his mind as new hormones flooded his bloodstream, and he felt a growing wetness coming from his new sex. He stood on his tip toes as his legs grew thick and sensual, flexing the new muscle mass as his ass began to inflate. He instinctively rubbed the lips of his new sex against the joystick and cooed at the sensations it sent through his increasingly horny body. 

His inflating ass tore through his boxers, leaving his new peach shaped behind completely exposed. Before he could pull his shirt down to cover his bottom, he felt his clothes beginning to morph. His socks stretched up to his juicy new thighs as his tattered boxers morphed into an eclectic short-skirt, barely long enough to hide his ass.  His t-shirt turned into a jacket and top combo to match his new skirt, with a deep V cut that exposed his currently flat chest. Bracelets and earings materialized around his body as his hair began to tumblr into his vision. He brushed his new blonde hair out of his eyes and stared down at his new outfit just as he felt another tingling coming from his chest. He thrust his chest his chest forward and let out an orgasmic moan as two mounds of flesh burst forth and filled in his new attire. He cupped his new breasts and whimpered at how sensitive they were, knowing that this was all wrong, but unable to fight the pleasures coming from his new body. He looked like one of the senior girls in high school, and he had no idea why. He stared at the screen again, looking at the name AMY still at the top of the leaderboard, and watched his transparent reflection as his face began to shift. It grew older and softer, becoming more feminine as each second passed. His eyes grew wide and seductive as his lips grew thin and alluring. Makeup applied itself to his face as his hair styled itself with a few more hairclips materializing. He licked his lips seductively as he tasted cherry lip balm and smirked as flashes of making out with boys flashed into his mind.

“No!” he screamed in his girly new voice. “I’m a boy, I like video games, I don’t even like girls yet!” He wanted to fight the new feelings seeping into his brain and tried to remember how gross he thought even holding hands with a girl was, but as more thoughts of handsome young men pinning him down and ravishing his new body forced their way into his mind, it became harder and harder for him to resist. The wetness between his legs grew stronger with each new impulse, and soon it was impossible to ignore. His new sex needed to be filled, and as years of puberty and sexual experience ingrained themselves into his brain, he began to give in to his sultry new desires. He didn’t care about video games anymore, he cared about manipulating the boys in school to get whatever he wanted. He stared at the leaderboard one last time as the name AMY settled into his head. 

She came to this silly arcade to find some rich nerds to seduce. She wanted a new boy toy to spend his money on her, and she knew that all the dorks in this place had never even touched a woman before. They were all easy targets. Amy hiked her skirt up a little more to show off her assets and leaned against the arcade cabinet seductively. 

“Oh boys!” she hollered, grabbing the attention of every nerd in the building. “If you can beat my high score, I’ll let you play with something more fun than a video game. I’ll let you play with me!”

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