Hole in the Wall (TG/AP)

David and Jake sat silently in the car, sharing an awkward silence as they pulled into a shady looking parking lot. David wasn’t a fan of his older brother’s life choices. He didn’t like the people he hung out with, didn’t like the clothes he wore, and despised the music his older brother was into. Apparently it was called “hardcore” or “punk” or whatever, but to David it all sounded like noise and screaming. Unfortunately for David, his brother was the one old enough to drive, so he had to rely on Jake to drive him to his friends’ house for a sleepover that night. Jake promised to drop his little brother off at his friends’ place, but not until after he got to check out the newest punk band on the scene.

“Don’t worry, we won’t stay long. I’m just gonna run in and say hey to some friends. You can stay in the car if you want.”

David really didn’t want to go into the concert venue. He could hear that awful music blaring from inside, but he desperately needed to use the bathroom.

“I need to use the bathroom.”

“Okay, just don’t talk to anyone sketchy.”

David scoffed. Everyone looked sketchy here. The two brothers got out of the car and began walking towards the building. The stench of cigarettes and booze permeated the walls, much to David’s disgust. Jake spotted his friends and ran over to greet them, leaving David to navigate his personal hell on his own. The raging music grated his ears as he slid between a sea of drunks, many of the adults eyeing him as he went. This obviously wasn’t a place for kids. He eventually reached what he thought to be the bathroom, though he couldn’t really tell since the door was covered with old band logo stickers. He pushed his way in and sighed in moderate relief as he was greeted with the dirtiest public restroom he’d ever seen. He ran into the closest stall and immediately locked the door. The walls of the stall were littered with crass drawings and words he didn’t even know the meaning of. Not wanting to spend more time in there than he needed to, he quickly relieved himself and prepared to book it back out to the car. As he finished buttoning his pants, he noticed something unsettling in the wall next to him. There was a hole drilled into the wall, peaking directly into the adjacent stall. He bent down to investigate the odd hole, but as he peaked through he felt a sudden wave of dizziness overcome him.

Stood up, nearly losing balance, and braced himself against the stall. A dull ache began to grow throughout his body, building intensity by the second. He looked over his body only to recoil in shock when he noticed that he was beginning to grow. He groaned as he began to grow faster, his bones shifting and cracking as they aged. He was dizzied by his perspective moving further away from the floor, his maturing legs propelling him upwards while stretching his boyish jeans. His widening hips tore his pants at the waist while his maturing midriff was exposed by his shrinking Nintendo shirt. He looked down at his sensual new core as his breathing grew heavier, refusing to believe that the hardening abs he was staring at belonged to him. He stretched out his arms and winced as they elongated. He looked on in terror as his hands aged as well, his fingers popping at the joints as they grew long and slender. His nails began to lengthen, growing pointed and feminine as a coat of pink nail polish applied itself to his new claws.

He suddenly felt tingles sprout up all over his new skin. Looking to the areas where the new feeling was coming from, David was horrified to see various tattoos forming beneath his softening skin. The new inks ran up his arms and legs, permanently painting themselves onto his new body. He was about to scream for help when he felt another tingling coming from right above his groin, though this was more intense. He looked through his torn pants at his boyhood only to see a pair of small silver piercings right above his groin. Before he could inspect his new piercings, the sensations moved downwards, sending alien pleasures coursing through his aging body as his member began to retract. He watched in horror as his boyhood disappeared into his body, swallowed up by two fleshy lips that now sat neatly between his legs. He was confused as to why it felt so good, but terrified that the changes weren’t stopping. He poked his new sex and sent a jolt of pleasure surging through his feminizing body. He moaned against his will, hearing his voice shift as he did so. It grew deeper and raspier, though more feminine and alluring. He sounded like a girl who had been smoking cigarettes since childhood. He continued to moan, unable to stop fingering his new sex as his new ovaries pumped years worth of hormones into his bloodstream.

He felt his butt beginning to inflate, straining against his already torn clothes as his soft new ass peaked through the torn threads. He reached behind and grabbed one of his new asscheeks, relishing the feeling of being grabbed there, much to his own dismay. His nipples began to tingle soon after. He moaned as two new piercings penetrated his growing areolas, shocking him with pleasure. Two moderately sized breasts began to push their way out of his chest, his freshly pierced nipples showing through his tightening shirt. He brought a feminine hand up and tweaked one, cooing at the feelings his new breasts provided him with. He could feel himself getting lost in pleasure, nearly forgetting where he was, until a black choker tightened itself around his neck. He coughed and quickly snapped back to reality, horrified at what was happening to him. His clothes began to morph to something for fitting for his new aesthetic. His shirt turned white and raggedy, loosening itself as a cheap, black bra materialized beneath it. His pants fluttered into a skimpy purple skirt that didn’t even reach down far enough to hide his boxers transforming into a tight, pink thong. His shoes turned jet black as a pair of platforms began to grow beneath them. As his new shoes finished lacing themselves up, a pair of fishnet leggings grew upwards from his new boots. He looked down and had a tinge of admiration for how good the leggings complimented his new legs.

“Fuck, no!” he screamed in his new voice, trying to fight the new feelings seeping into his mind. The blaring music was making it hard to think, and a small part of him just wanted to give in and go dance with everyone else at the concert. David knew this wasn’t him, but as a tingling began to spread across his scalp, he couldn’t help but think about how fun it sounded to get wasted and go home with a hot guy.

“No, no, no, plea- AH!” he wailed as memories began to flood his mind. He remembered fighting with his parents after getting his first tattoo. He remembered not fitting in with the other girls in class. He remembered discovering punk music for the first time and falling in love with the subculture. Pink locks began to dangle in front of his eyes as his hair restyled itself into a vibrant, shaved punk cut. He winced more as he felt more piercings force their way into his ears. A silver nosering popped into the bottom his view with another tinge of pain, causing him to remember getting all of these piercings. He felt his new cunt growing damp as he remembered getting those piercings right above his clit. Makeup applied itself to his face as his eyes began to roll back into his head. His face grew soft and feminine with a few more painful cracks, though the makeup made it look edgier than it actually was.

“I’m…I’m not…ooohhhh,” he moaned, trying to fight the flood of new desires soaking his mind. Memories of every sexual encounter this body ever had began to take hold. His boyish interests were fading away against his will, turning into thoughts of dirty hookups and one-night stands. He dropped to his knees and quivered as knowledge of how to please a man engrained itself into his brain. Years of puberty forced their way into his young mind, causing him to experience every orgasm this body ever had all at once. He tried to think about his family, about the friend who he was supposed to hang out with tonight, but it all began to seem alien to him. All he wanted to do was satisfy the cravings growing inside. His dripping pussy needed to be filled. The young boy gave into his new life as the #1 slut of the punk scene, moaning as the bathroom door opened.

The new girl looked excitedly at the glory hole, waiting hungrily as she watched a man enter the adjacent stall and begin unzipping his pants.

“It’s about goddamn time,” she said teasingly. “I’ve been waiting here forever.”

The man silently approached the hole, pushing his sizeable dick through towards the girl’s face. The girl smiled at the sight of a throbbing cock waiting for her to please it. She wrapped her soft new lips around the man’s dick, moaning as it filled her mouth. She moved her head  back and forth, teasing every part of his shaft with her tongue, and before long she had a mouth full of warm, salty cum. She moved down to his balls, smearing his cum with her tongue and relishing the smell. She was an expert at this. The man pulled his cock back into his pants with a satisfied grunt, zipping up and walking out without saying a word. The new girl stood up and wiped her mouth, high off the feeling of satisfying another “customer”. She left the bathroom and immediately spotted a cute guy walking around the venue. She approached him, swaying her hips with every step.

“Hey there, youngblood. Can I bum a smoke?” she said, smirking as the boy looked over her body.

“Uh, yeah, sure.” he said, reaching for the pack in his jacket. “I’m Jake, by the way.”

“Danielle. Thanks.” she said, sensually wrapping her lips around the cigarette. All she had to do was give the young man a look and she knew he’d be wrapped around her finger. “You wanna step outside with me?”

The boy gulped and nodded, totally enraptured with the new girl in front of him. He knew he should probably find his little brother, but he figured he was a smart kid. He’d find his way home somehow. The only thing Jake cared about right now was spending a night with Danielle.   

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  1. It’s a fascinating story.

    I liked it a lot.

    I love that the boy became an adult woman and ended up sucking his old brother’s penis without having any idea of the changes he just went through.

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