Study Guide (Tg/Ap)

Chris was in a full blown panic. He had completely forgotten that his 5th grade biology exam was tomorrow, and he hadn’t studied at all. He decided that his best bet was to try and steal the answer key from Mrs. Applegate’s desk after she left for the day. Chris waited by his locker until the school was nearly empty. He had convinced his best friend, Daniel, to stand guard outside of the classroom with a promise that he would share the answer key with the fellow struggling student. Once the coast was clear, the boys made their way to the empty classroom, thankful that their teacher had left the door unlocked. Chris snuck in while Daniel stood outside on his phone, blocking the window view from any passerbys.

“C’mon Mrs. Applegate, where’d you put your answers,” Chris whispered to himself as he flipped through the folders on her desk to no avail. He began to pull open every drawer, only to find a few pens, some erasers, and a pair of glasses. He pulled the glasses out and examined them, wondering how she could forget her glasses when she left for the day. “I just wish I knew where you kept that stupid answer key,” he said with a defeated sigh. Suddenly, he felt a slight vibration coming from the glasses in his hand as they flipped open on their own. Before he could drop them in shock, they flew out of his hand and directly onto his face. “What the fu-”

He gasped as he felt a shock run through his mind. An image of a hidden drawer in the center of the desk began to form in his mind, and somehow he knew that’s where the answer key was hidden. He reached for it in excitement before recoiling at the sight of his hand. His nails had grown long and manicured, covered with the same pink nail polish that his teacher wore. His hands began to twitch as his digits elongated before his very eyes, growing long and slender. The changes raced up his arms as his skin took on a shiny, olive glow. His whole body began to ache as he felt himself beginning to grow. He braced himself against the desk as the pops and cracks from his aging body echoed through the empty classroom. He grunted in pain as his frame expanded outwards, his shoulders broadening while his hips jutted outwards with a few more crunching noises. He looked over his changing body, noticing his new exposed curves showing through his straining boyhood clothes. His feminine new frame was could be seen just beneath his soft new skin, and his widening hips were beginning to form an alluring guide directly to his crotch.

Another jolt came from the glasses, this time traveling through his increasingly sensitive body and directly to his crotch. To his horror, he felt his boy parts rapidly beginning to change, pulling itself up into his abdomen as his organs began to shift inside of him. With a quiet schlicking sound, he felt his member slide up into himself completely, swallowed by a pair of tight, fleshy lips between his legs. As his boyhood reformed itself into a mature female reproductive system, he couldn’t help but moan as a wave of pleasure began to wash over him. His moans grew deeper and more alluring as years of estrogen began to flow through his body, forcing him through puberty in a matter of seconds. He wanted to scream in terror as he began to recognize his new voice as that of his teacher’s, but the only noise he could muster was another series of sensual moans as his new crotch began to dampen. His tightening boxers putting pressure on his new sex weren’t helping either.

He reached a manicured hand down to examine his new orifice, shocked to feel a tuft of pubic hair sprouting just above his sensitive new clit. Another shock of pleasure ran through him as he touched the tender new folds between his legs, causing his knees to buckle as he fell onto the desk. More moans came from the changing boy as he felt his ass beginning to inflate, tearing his jeans at the seams as his rear grew to a curvy new peach shape. His thickening thighs took care of the rest of pants, leaving his sensual new legs exposed while his feet grew and cracked. Another crack echoed through the empty room as his back took on a feminine arch. The changes and feelings coursing through his body were exhausting him, and while it felt like nothing he had ever known, he knew it was wrong and just wanted this nightmare to stop. He laid down on the desk in defeat, watching his exasperated breathes fog up against the glossy desk top, before he felt another shock come from the glasses and travel directly to his chest.

“N-no, please…” he whimpered, knowing exactly what was coming next. Every boy in school made jokes about how hot Mrs. Applegate was, due in no small part to her bust size, and Chris wanted to cry knowing that he was about to be on the receiving end of that sentiment. He felt fat beginning to well up beneath his chest, pushing him upwards and sending a tickling feeling through his quivering body. His new breasts kept growing, tearing through his shirt as he pressed his massive new chest against the desk in denial. He had no idea that girls had such sensitive bodies, and while he didn’t want to feel like this anymore, he couldn’t help but give in a little bit to the sensations coming from his new boobs. As he finally stood up and felt the weight hanging off his chest, a sudden flash of a muscular man groping his new breasts forced its way into his mind. His crotch tingled at the thought, though he wanted to puke.

“Please, I don’t want to be a teacher…I don’t want to be Mrs. Applegate…” he whimpered to an empty room. His tattered clothes began to morph, becoming a black skirt and white, button-down shirt. His boxers tightened themselves into a silk thong, teasing his pussy while settling at the top of his new voluptuous ass. The new shirt tightened around his chest, pushing his sizeable new breasts together while leaving enough buttons open for him to stare directly at his new cleavage. He looked down in horror as silky black hair began to drape itself onto his breasts. He reached up and felt his soft, growing hair. His new locks smelled familiar, becoming conditioned with the same feminine products that he could smell every day in Mrs. Applegate’s class.

A final barrage of energy came from the classes as his face began to shift, growing older and more feminine with each passing second. Images of another life began to form in the lenses of the glasses, forcing their way into Chris’ mind against his will. His eyes grew soft and alluring as memories of growing up as a girl engrained themselves. He remembered playing with dolls and makeup instead of action figures and video games. He remembered high school, and all the boys who lusted after him. How could he forget the first blowjob he ever gave, or the first time a guy ate him…or her out. He remembered graduation college and meeting his…no, her husband. He…she remembered getting her first teaching job and giggling to herself every time she heard a little boy make a joke about how hot she was. Her lips grew thin as a deep red lipstick applied itself. She felt a tugging on her ears as a pair of earrings painlessly pierced her lobes, dangling beautifully beneath her silky hair. Chris struggled in a futile attempt to remove the glasses, hoping it would make this all go away, but as a flood of sexual knowledge drenched his maturing brain, he felt himself giving in to his new life. She loved her life, her job, her husband, and her students. She knew how lucky she was to have a body this hot, and to have a husband that was as hot as her, but she secretly still got a kick out of her students ogling her everyday. Of course, that’s why she wore a low-cut shirt to work everyday. A lifetime’s worth of sexual knowledge settled into the new woman’s head, and as Chris’ brain finished rewiring itself, the young boy fully embraced his transformation into Clarissa Applegate.

Daniel, concerned with how long Chris was taking, decided to peak into the classroom. To his shock, he only saw Mrs. Applegate standing over her desk, breathing heavily. He walked in, surprising the woman, though she greeted him with a calming smile.

“Oh, hello, Daniel. What’re you doing here after school?”

“We, uh, Chris and I were going to study for the test tomorrow. Have you seen him?”

“No, but I’d be happy to help to study,” she said, leaning against her desk and pushing her cleavage front and center. Daniel, still confused as to where his best friend went, couldn’t help but gaze at the beauty in front of him. He didn’t really want to stay and study, but he wasn’t about to say no to spending more time with the hottest teacher in the school.