Don’t Forget The Tip (TG/AP)

Steven and his father had been on a cross-country road trip for a few days now. Hunger was beginning to set in for the pair, though the empty stretch of road they were on didn’t seem to have any fast food stops nearby. The two drove on for miles, their hunger growing, until a godsend finally appeared a little off the highway. The two pulled into a diner that looked like it had just been transported out of the 1950s, complete with cheap neon lights and a plethora of stainless steel accents. There were only a few other patrons sitting at the bar, none of whom looked like they were from around the area. The father and son duo were greeted by a cheery old waitress as she guided them to an open table.

“I’ll have the steak and eggs with a coffee,” Steven’s father said, “and he’ll take the french toast with an orange juice.”

“Can I get extra bacon, too?” Steven perked up.

“Make that two extra bacons, please.” Steven’s father smiled at the waitress as she jotted their orders down and flipped her notebook closed. She had no idea that the man was planning to dine and dash…or so he thought. Since Steven’s father had no intentions of ever returning to this lonely little diner in the middle of nowhere, he figured that dining and dashing would be a quick and easy way for them to continue on their road trip with full stomachs. Little did he know that the diner had a way of keeping its patrons around for a while.

After cleaning his plate, Steven jumped up to run to the bathroom before embarking on the road again. He relieved himself, washed his hands, and walked out of the bathroom to the surprising sight of the older waitress waiting for him in the hall.

“Looks like you two are about to head out, yeah? I just wanted to give you a little souvenir to remind you of this ol’ diner.” Before Steven could respond, she bent down and clipped a nametag to his shirt that read ‘Sheila’.

“Wha- who’s Sheila?” Steven asked as he confusedly examined the nametag.

“Oh, she’s my new favorite employee.” The waitress grinned contently and walked back into the kitchen. Before Steven could ask a follow-up question, he suddenly felt a wave of dizziness wash over him. He fell backwards, braced himself against the wall, and began to groan as he felt his body begin to grow. He winced as his fingers began to elongate, his hands spasming as his bones cracked and popped with age. His nails extended, growing perfectly manicured before a vibrant red nail polish applied itself to his feminine new claws. The changes ran up his arms, lengthening them and smoothing his skin to perfection as it progressed. He felt his muscles begin to twitch beneath his skin as his limbs rapidly matured, filling out his growing frame. He winced as his torso cracked and shifted, widening to adult proportions as the rest of his body played catch-up. His growing legs propelled him upwards as his spine cracked and grew, protruding beneath his soft new skin with each jump in height. He soon stood over a foot taller than his previous height. His growing body was barely contained by his childish clothes, which were tearing at the seams. He grunted in pain as his hips suddenly jutted outwards with a couple more cracks, leaving him with a feminine hourglass figure and tearing his jeans at the hips.

“What’s happen- ING?!” Steven screamed in confusion as he felt a sudden tingling coming from his crotch. He felt his boyhood beginning to harden for the first time in his life, sending confusing feelings coursing through his body. The sensations only got more intense as his genitals were forcefully sucked up into his abdomen, shifting and morphing as they settled into their new form. He wanted to cry from pleasure and confusion as his new reproductive system materialized, leaving him with a moistening clit between his legs and a pair of ovaries that rapidly began to pump estrogen through his aging body. He couldn’t help but reach for his changing crotch with a feminine new hand. He immediately began to quiver at the pleasure of touching his new sex. He didn’t know what this alien flesh was between his legs, but he was intoxicated by the feelings it gave him. He moaned in an alluring new voice as he felt a tuft of pubic hair sprout around his new folds. His mind was racing as it underwent puberty in a matter of seconds, filling with feminine thoughts as he tried to fight it.

“N-no…oooohhhhh,” he cooed as promiscuous memories began to seep into his brain. He remembered men slapping his ass as he walked by, triggering his butt to inflate into a sensual peach shape that complimented his figure. He remembered men complimenting his legs, causing his thighs to thicken. He remembered men groping him, spurring a sudden surge of pleasure from his chest. He moaned in a deep, feminine voice as two mounds of flesh began to grow beneath his tattered t-shirt. His growing chest heaved up and down as his breathing became heavier. He looked down at his new cleavage and poked his new boobs, squealing with surprise at how sensitive they were. Finally, he remembered kissing a rugged motorcyclist goodbye. He felt his face shifting and cracking as the memory of the man’s unshaven stubble rubbed against his smooth, feminine face. Makeup caked itself onto Steven’s mature new visage, accentuating his beautiful new facial features.

As the transformation neared its completion, Steven felt his hair tumble down in front of his eyes. It quickly styled itself as a hair band tied itself around his luscious new locks. He felt a tugging on his earlobes as a pair of golden hoops pierced themselves into his cartilage and dangled majesticlay. His clothes began to morph into a low-cut shirt and skinny jeans as his undergarments became a matching purple pair of silk panties and a bra. He moaned again as his changing clothes tickled his body, pressing against his new sex and pushing his cleavage up into perfect view for all of his customers to see. His new body was so wracked with pleasure that he could barely think, but as the changes finally began to subside, he saw his father sitting in a booth. He was about to run over to him and tell him what happened when the old waitress jumped in front of him with an order bill and an apron.

“Hey, honey. That fine fellow over there is ready for his bill,” she said while pointing to Steven’s dad. “Why don’t you take it to him and get a nice tip.”

The older waitress quickly wrapped the apron around her new waitress, causing Steven’s mind to spin. The name Steven began to seem like a forgotten dream, becoming harder and harder to remember with each passing second. Memories of growing up in a small town and flaunting her feminine figure to get better tips became ingrained in his mind, despite how hard he fought them. The vivid memories of sex come flooding back, causing Steven’s eyes to roll into the back of his head in pleasure as his brain was flooded with years of female orgasms at once. It was too much for the former boy, and before long, he had given in to his new personality.

Sheila sauntered over to the man in the booth, sliding his bill towards him slowly and pushing her cleavage right into his face. She could feel his surprised breath on her skin.

“Hey sweetie, you here by yourself?” The alluring waitress asked the blushing man.

“Uh…I was with my…” the man stumbled over his words, partly because of how smitten he was with the beautiful creature in front of him, and partly because he could’ve sworn he was with his son.

“Well,” she leaned in, sensually wiping some sauce from the corner of his lip with her napkin, “if you don’t have anywhere to be, I’d be happy to talk a little more after my shift is over.”

The man simply nodded, pulling out his wallet and handing the waitress nearly double what he owed. He had a feeling he was going to be here for a while.

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