The Ultimate Punishment (TG/AP)

Danny and Kyle were spending the week with their uncle, much to their dismay. The brothers weren’t too fond of spending time with their estranged uncle, but their parents had decided to take an unplanned vacation to the tropics and didn’t have time to find the boys a proper babysitter. Their uncle, Charles, wasn’t too thrilled about the idea either, but he didn’t want to be the reason that his brother had to miss his vacation. Charles warned the boys not to misbehave or go where they weren’t allowed, but with Danny and Kyle being both curious and youthfully mischievous, there was little chance of that actually happening.

It had only taken a few days for Charles to grow tires of the boys’ antics. They ate all of his food, left a mess everywhere they went, and were constantly losing all of his TV remotes. The boys giggles to themselves as they watched Charles stomp around the house in anger, cleaning up their messes and looking for his stuff, shirking off their uncles dire warnings to behave OR ELSE. The one rule they hadn’t broken yet was to stay out of their uncle’s basement, but that was about to change.

“What kind of weird stuff do you think he’s hiding down there?” Danny asked Kyle.

“No idea, but I think we should find out,” the boy replied with a smirk. One morning, the boys woke up before their uncle and snuck down the dark, creaky stairs. The flipped a switch and were confounded by what they found. The basement was lined with bookshelves filled with dusty, old books, each with an odd looking symbol on the spine.

“What are these?” Danny asked. “I don’t even think they’re in English!” The boys pulled the books off the shelves at random, flipping through the confusing pages and tossing them on the ground once they were done. Suddenly, they heard their uncle’s footsteps on the floor above them.

“Boys, I warned you not to come down here,” he said, menacingly. “I didn’t want to do this, but it’s about time you two learned some respect.” He walked down the stairs slowly, locking the door behind him and keeping his eyes on his two nephews. “These books are dangerous, they have power as of yet unknown to most of the world, and my job is to study and understand them. I haven’t even told your father about them, and there’s no way I can let you two blab about my collection to the world.”

“Wow, I knew you were nuts,” Kyle said with a laugh, “but I didn’t know you were this nuts!”

Charles grabbed a chair from a corner of the room. He set it in the center and told Danny to sit in it.

“Kyle, watch closely. I want to show you and your brother just what exactly you’ve been messing with.”

Danny humored his uncle and took a seat, watching him intently as he grabbed a book off a shelf and flipped through the pages.

“Oh, this will do…I have been quite lonely around here,” Charles said with an evil smirk. He traced the ancient words with his finger and read them aloud. The boys both began to chuckle at their uncle as he seemed to be reading them gibberish, until he suddenly snapped the book shut. A pulse of energy shot through the room, kicking up dust and causing the boys to recoil in silence. Charles put the book back on the shelf and turned to look at Danny as he began to fidget in the chair.

“Kyle, I feel kinda weird,” Danny said nervously. Danny’s nervousness quickly turned to fear as he felt his body beginning to grow. He screamed in a mixture of pain and shock as his frame grew upwards and outwards with a series of sickening cracks and pops. He kicked his lengthening legs as his feet spasmed and grew, cramping as his growing toes burst out of his socks. He felt his muscles tightening as the changes ran up his legs, defining his growing calves while his thighs grew thick and smooth. He shifted in the chair and grunted in pain as his hips cracked outwards, widening to childbearing proportions. He felt himself rise in the chair as fat began to pool beneath his butt, inflating his widening ass until it had taken on a massive peach shape that would grab any man’s attention.

“What’d you do to him, you freak?!” Kyle screamed at his uncle. “Stop it!”

“Oh, I just made some changes to his life that’ll ensure you two can’t go on disrespecting your elders anymore. When this is all over, I think he’ll even be grateful!”

Suddenly, Danny began to moan in a deepening voice as his new thighs began to put pressure on his boyhood. He felt a gurgling in his abdomen as his organs began to shift around, preparing themselves for what was about to happen. With a wet schlicking sound, his boy parts slipped between two fleshy lips that had formed around his crotch. Jolts of pleasure wracked his body as his new clit began to tighten between his legs, growing more wet by the second. He grabbed his abdomen in horror as he felt his former boy parts transforming inside of him, becoming a fully functioning female reproductive system ready for childbearing. His new ovaries rapidly began to pump estrogen through his maturing body, causing the pleasure coming from his crotch to surge as he shot through puberty in a matter of moments. He reached a feminine hand to his crotch and squirmed as he felt a patch of pubic hairs sprout right above his new clit. He rubbed the tip of his new sex with a manicured nail and quivered in pleasure, recoiling at how good it felt. He didn’t want to be enjoying this, but the pleasure was impossible to ignore.

“Wha…what is this?” Danny asked between breaths. “What happened to my boy parts? What is this…feeling?” His voice was already deeper than his brothers, but as the estrogen flooded his body, his voice began to sound more feminine and alluring…almost motherly. He moaned again as he felt a pressure building in his spine, forcing him upwards with a few more cracks until he was as tall as their mother. His exposed midriff grew toned and shapely, though not terribly athletic. He ran his feminine hands over his changing core, appreciating how good it looked for a woman in her mid thirties…but why did he think that?

“Oh, you’re so close!” Charles said with excitement. He fixed his eyes on Danny’s chest as two small mounds began to poke through his already tight shirt. Danny wanted to scream at his uncle and beg him to stop, but the tingling coming from his maturing nipples stopped his train of thought dead in its tracks. Kyle watched in horror as his brother began to massage the breasts growing from his chest. Boobs were still an alien concept to the young boys, so seeing a pair growing on his brother, and seeing his brother enjoying it, was beyond comprehension for poor Kyle. Danny’s feminine moans grew more intense as he groped his growing breasts harder and harder, losing himself in the feelings that were coming from his chest and groin. He regained control of himself as his breasts stopped growing, trying to catch his breath and contend with the alien weight that now rose and fell with his chest. He looked at his brother and saw the expression of fear and disgust on Kyle’s face.

“I’m sorry bro, I don’t know what’s happening…but I can’t help myself. It feels so goo- GUH!” Danny squealed as he felt a pair of fingers suddenly penetrating his new sex. He felt his uncle’s breath on his new chest as Charles began to slide his fingers in and out of his moist clit. Danny wanted to push him off, but the satisfaction of being filled down there was too much to reject. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as his face began to age, morphing and cracking as his boyish features transformed into that of a woman in her mid-thirties. Danny’s hair drooped in front of his eyes and down to the bottom of his neck, dripping with sweat as he continued to pant sensually. Makeup applied itself to his feminine new face as his lips parted in pleasure. He struggled to look at his brother in fear, trying to fight the urges coming from every inch of his new body, but a slight tingle came from his hand as a wedding band materialized around his ring finger.

“There we go, my love,” Charles said as he grabbed the new woman’s face. Their eyes met right before Charles leaned in and kissed her passionately. Danny was about to pull away in a futile attempt to fight the final stages of his transformation, but as his tongue met with the tongue of the strangely alluring man in front of him, he felt his memories begin to warp. Years of life flooded the new woman’s mind as she remembered a completely different childhood. She could remember the dolls she played with in the 1970s, the circle of friends she hung out with in the 1980s, the years she spent sleeping around in college in the 1990s, and finally settling down with the love of her life after graduation. She met Charles in college and instantly fell in love with his passion for history. He always had a lesser known history lesson for her, and she loved the fact that he collected so many strange, occult artifacts. He wasn’t the most attractive man in the world, but he did have a rather masculine build and enough strength and stamina to satisfy her carnal needs.

“How do you feel, Danielle?” Charles asked suavely as he pulled away from the kiss.

“I feel fucking amazing, Charlie…” the new woman said. “Now show me why you brought me down here.” Charles’ wife tilted her head down and gave him the most alluring bedroom eyes he’d ever seen. She pushed him away from the chair and stood up, bending over and exposing her dripping sex. Charles wasted no time in penetrating her, grunting as her moans echoed through the basement. Danielle barely noticed her former brother, now her nephew, standing in the corner of the room and watching the couple in terror. Part of her knew this was wrong, but she was too enraptured by the ecstasy of her husband’s body slapping against hers as he filled her pussy repeatedly to care about the young boy. She screamed as an orgasm wracked her body, quivering as she felt fluids dripping down her legs. She satisfactorily turned to her husband and kissed him on the cheek, letting him know that she’d head upstairs and wash up before Kyle’s parents arrived to pick him up.

“You…you’re a monster.” Kyle said, trembling. “I’ll tell everyone. You won’t get away with what you’ve done to Danny.”

“Who’s Danny?” Charles asked with a devilish smile. “You’ve never had a brother. Danielle and I have been married for years, and we plan to be ‘til death do us part. She’s your aunt now, and she really likes having you as a nephew. She thinks you’re super cute. That’s reality now, and there’s nothing you can do to change that.”

Kyle didn’t want to believe it, but when his parents arrived to pick him up, they greeted Danielle as if they’d known her for years. They didn’t even ask where Danny was. Kyle left Charles’ house in silent defeat, refusing to wave goodbye until his parents forced him to say farewell to his new aunt and uncle.

“Come visit again soon, okay?” Danielle said cheerily as she pinched her nephew’s cheek. Kyle hugged his former brother goodbye in reluctance, still not wanting to believe what happened. As the family drove off, Charles and Danielle looked at each other sensually once again. Charles grinned to himself, satisfied that his obsession with the ancient occult had finally paid off. Trading one annoying nephew for a beautiful, loving wife was the best deal of his life.