Anyone but the Patriots! (TG/AP)

Mark never thought he’d get the chance to go to the Superbowl, so ever since his father had won a pair of tickets from the local radio station, his excitement had been uncontainable. His hometown team, The Rams, were playing against his most hated team in the NFL, The Patriots. He honestly didn’t care who was playing against the Patriots, he just didn’t want them to win yet another Superbowl. Every person he saw entering the stadium wearing Patriots attire got him a little more aggravated, and his father wasn’t helping. Mark’s dad hated the New England team even more, sneering at every Patriots fan he saw and nearly starting multiple fights as the father and son duo made their way to their seats.

“Son, I know it’s only a game,” Mark’s father said as he sipped a beer, “but when you steal multiple Superbowl wins by cheating, you don’t deserve anyone cheering for you.”

“Yeah, I know. You’ve drilled that into me pretty well,” Mark said with a chuckle. “At least you know your own son would never cheer for a team like The Patriots.”

Mark’s father smiled and patted his son on the shoulder approvingly, turning his attention back to the field as the fanfare began. The cheerleaders for both teams strutted onto the field and began to rile up their fans, flaunting their perfectly sculpted bodies as they chanted their respective team’s anthems. The Patriots’ cheerleaders looked like they were a member short with a clear gap in their cheer line. Mark’s father chuckled and pointed it out to his son, mocking the fact that their own cheerleaders were starting to abandon their team. He looked at the enemy cheerleader squad and noticed the girl leading the squad making direct eye contact with him. He got butterflies in his stomach as the beautiful girl winked at him and flicked her pom pom, but he tossed it up to his budding pubescent feelings. There’s no way she was actually looking at him, right? He stuck his tongue out at her, but silently wished that a girl that cute was cheering for his team instead. The cheerleader simply smiled as she twirled around, resuming her routine. Mark thought the feeling in his stomach would dissipate as he turned his attention back to the game, but instead he felt the tingling feeling beginning to spread across his body.

“Dad, I think I have to use the bathroom,” Mark said nervously. His father directed him to the nearest bathroom by the hot dog vendor.

“I’d go with you, but the game is about to start. It’s not that far, I’m sure you’ll be okay.”

Mark squeezed past the other attendees and sprinted up the stairs as the tingling feeling began to grow stronger. He made it to the men’s room, but began to panic as he saw a massive line standing outside the stalls. The women’s room had no line, so he hesitantly snuck in. He ran to a stall and locked himself in before any of the other occupants noticed him using the wrong bathroom. He began to sweat as a fog began to creep into his mind. He looked at his hands as the tingling sensation spread to the tips of his fingers. Suddenly, his hands spasmed as his fingers popped and elongated, flexing and growing against his will. His digits grew long and feminine as his nails extended into a set of perfectly manicured claws. To his horror, his nails were covered with nail polish matching the Patriots’ team colors. Jolts of energy began to seize his body as his arms began to grow as well. He watched in silent terror as his arms extended to adult proportions with more sickening cracks, his joints maturing rapidly as his muscles grew toned and feminine. Years of exercise and practice forced their way into his arms as his muscles began to bulge beneath his softening skin, filling his growing appendages with strength and flexibility. He braced himself against the stall walls as his back muscles began to spasm, growing mature and disciplined. He couldn’t see it, but he began to wince as his back muscles hardened beneath his maturing skin.

He began to squirm as pressure began building in his spine. With a sudden cracking sound, he felt his vertebrae expand upwards, increasing his height with a sickening sound. His childish t-shirt grew tighter around his maturing body, revealing his hardening midriff as he grew taller. He gasped as his abs suddenly began to harden, forcing the air out of his body as an alluring six-pack began to form beneath his exposed midriff. He ran his feminine new fingers between the creases of his new abs, astounded by how hard his new core was. Suddenly, he fell backwards onto the toilet, barely managing not to fall in as his legs began to grow. His thighs began to thicken as his calves grew toned, all while his bones continued to snap and pop as they elongated. His strengthening legs tore his jeans as they grew, revealing a pair of sexy, mature appendages beneath.  He began to groan as his feet matured in his boyish sneakers, stretching them to the limit. He was about to kick off his shoes when they rapidly began to morph into a pair of white leather boots emblazoned with the Patriots’ team logo. He sighed with relief as the boots formed perfectly to his feet, but the reality of what was happening to him quickly returned.

The leather boots crept up his calves as his tattered jeans began to re-sow themselves into a red, white, and blue pair of booty shorts. He spread his legs as his thick new thighs began to squeeze his boyhood, but his changing clothing began to tighten around his groin anyway. He began to moan in confusion as pleasure began to build between his legs. His felt his member begin to slip up into his abdomen as his underwear morphed into a tight, silk thong that hugged his body closer than anything he’d ever worn. He squirmed on the toilet as two fleshy lips formed where his boyhood had just been, teasing him with ecstasy and sending unknown feelings coursing through his body. He began to rub his new sex through his booty shorts as an alien wetness grew between his legs. Suddenly, he felt himself rising on the toilet as his ass began to inflate. His butt took on an adorable and alluring peach shape as it pulled his shorts even tighter against his crotch. He wanted to scream and cry at the same time, but the mix of pleasure and horror he was experiencing was making it incredibly difficult to think clearly.

His attention turned to his chest as his tight little t-shirt begant to morph into a Patriots colored top with a deep V cut. The changing fabric tickled his nipples as they began to expand, growing harder and more sensitive. Without warning, he let out a sensual moan as two breasts forced their way out of his chest to fill his new top. He stared at his new cleavage as his growing breasts perfectly filled his new top, nearly completing his bodily transformation. He tried to catch his breath, noticing how much older and sensual he sounded now, and finally came to the realization that he was now wearing a Patriots cheerleader uniform. He shivered as the new weight settled on his chest, begging to be touched while disgusting Mark at the same time. This all felt like a nightmare to him, but it was the most pleasurable nightmare he’d ever experienced. He was trying to fight the new desires coming from his changing body, but as the fog in his head grew more intense, he suddenly found images of the strong, jacked Patriots players forcing their way into his head. The wetness between his legs grew more intense as the images grew more vivid, and as he shook his head in denial, he could feel his hair growing longer. Soon his locks reached down to his chest and they smelled fruity and girly, just like his older sister’s hair.

He wanted to cry for his dad, but all he could think of were the routines he’d been practicing with the cheer squad for years. His face began to shift and morph, aging well into its twenties as it grew sharp and feminine. Makeup caked itself around his lips, cheeks, and eyes as Mark began to cry. He didn’t want to be a woman, and he definitely didn’t want to be a cheerleader for the Patriots, but as he thought of the football team he hated so much, he suddenly felt a sense of pride growing within him. His team was amazing, winning more Superbowl championships than any other team in history. He wanted to fight these new thoughts with every fiber of his being, but as the Patriots chant began to blare over the stadium speakers, he felt himself growing more and more attached to it. He had trained for years for this position, and being able to cheer on his favorite team at the Superbowl was his dream come true, wasn’t it? His heart began to beat faster as he thought of the millions of fans worshipping his body. Dance moves and cheers began to ingrain themselves into his head, as well as memories of an entirely different life. Growing up on the east coast, cheering for his college football team, dating four different men throughout her college career…

“No, no, NO!” he screamed in his feminine new voice. He grabbed his head as memories of his old life began to fade away. He tried to picture his father still sitting in the stands and watching the game, but the man she was picturing only appeared as a total stranger to her. “I’m not a cheerleader…I’m a kid…I’m Mar…M…” she trailed off as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Memories of sex flooded her mind as she moaned in ecstasy, rubbing her sensual new body as she remembered sleepless nights with nearly half of the Patriots roster. She remembered being caressed by those muscle bound jocks and screaming at the top of her lungs as they penetrated her soft body. She gave into the wave of pleasure as the last of Mark was transformed into the Patriots’ head cheerleader. The new woman spasmed as she came, gripping a pair of new pom-poms in her hands as she exhaled with satisfaction. She was Melissa, the crown jewel of the Patriots cheer squad, and she needed to get back on the field as soon as possible. She sprinted out of the bathroom and ran past an older man waiting outside the bathroom. He was calling for his son, Mark, with desperation. She was going to try and help him, but when she approached him he simple sneered at her and said he didn’t need her help. He called her an airheaded bimbo and told her to get back to cheering on the losing team. Annoyed, she walked away from the man and sprinted back to the field. She jumped into formation without a second thought and smiled at the thousands of fans in the stadium. She cheered the Patriots to victory yet again, and as the Superbowl came to a close, she knew that she wouldn’t trade her life for the world.