TGA Contract: Gnat-Bits (FTF AP Commission)

Client requested our services to help her “stay up past her bedtime to eat candy and watch TV all night like the grown-ups”. We devised a plan that we believed would satisfy all of the client’s requests. We rented the house next to the client’s and converted them within to avoid raising any suspicions from the client’s parents during the conversion process. The client was aged well into maturity, skipping past the “turbulent twenties” and arriving at the peak of her professional life. We’ve provided the client with a year’s worth of rent in the house neighboring her old one while she settles into her post-conversion life. Amnestics have been administered to anyone that would question her transformation, and she now lives happily as the most attractive woman in her neighborhood. The client is satisfied with her newfound freedom to stay up late and do as she pleases, though observation quickly noted that her interest in childish things, like consuming excessive amounts of candy while watching TV all night, have given way to her more adult urges. 

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