Contorted (TG AR Sequence)

A sequel to Clowning Around that was inspired by people asking what happened to the kids parents. Might turn this into a running series. Video on my Twitter ContortedDownload

Crystalized (TG AP) – Pay What Your Want Comic

Chris told his sister that her boyfriend, Jake, was bullying him. She didn’t take too kindly to the news and promptly broke up with Jake the next day. Chris, however, didn’t think that he’d cause a break-up by tattling on Jake and has been carefully avoiding his bully…until now. Meanwhile, Jake got his hands on …

New Toy (TG AP) – Paycomic Preview

Tommy has been eagerly awaiting the delivery of a new toy he bought online. Little does he know that his mom is getting a delivery today as well, and her package contains something that her son wants nothing to do with. The boy probably should’ve been more patient and not opened something that wasn’t addressed …

Foreign Blessing (TG AP RC Sequence)

Niqabs are so hot. Video on my Twitter Foreign-BlessingDownload

Stop WINE-ing (TG AP)

“You sure your mom isn’t going to notice some of her wine missing?” Derrick asked as he swirled the red liquid around his cup. “Yeah, it’ll be fine. She bought this wine years ago from some exotic country and probably already forgot about it.” Phil responded, pouring himself another glass. “Well then, cheers!” Derrick exclaimed, …