The Great Kaiju Battle – Part 1 (TF TG AP)

Derrick was having a blast of a day at the park with his mom. He didn’t have many friends thanks to his social awkwardness and weird obsessions, so he cherished the days he got to spend playing with her. He was obsessed with Kaiju culture and consumed it every chance he could get. He even still liked to pretend to have Kaiju battles with his mom, to which she happily obliged. She thought it was adorable how her son would run around the playground, making noises and calling out his attacks as if he were actually piloting a giant robot. She always played the monster since she was bigger than him, but she didn’t mind. She’d do anything to make her son happy.

“Man, I wish kaijus were real. You’d make a great kaiju, mom!” Derrick said with a smile.

“I’m sure I would,” she said with a smirk, “but I think most of the world is happy that giant monsters don’t exist. If they were real, though, you’d make a great kaiju fighter!”

She smiled at her son as he blushed from the compliment. The two were about to leave the park when she suddenly felt a chill run down her spine. She knelt up, wondering what that strange feeling was. 

“Okay, honey, I think it’s time to go home. I’m suddenly feeling very…” she trailed off as she felt her fingers beginning to twitch. She looked down in silent confusion as her hand began to spasm, her joints cracking and popping like they were reshaping into something more animalistic. Her nails began to lengthen and sharpen, growing harder by the second. Her pulse began to rise as she felt the sensations traveling up her arm and spreading across her body.

“What’s wrong, mom?” Derrick asked, noticing how worried she suddenly looked.

“I don’t know…” she mumbled as pressure began to build inside her. She stood up as her body began to crack and shift, growing larger by the second. She whimpered as she rapidly began to outgrow her clothes, the threads tearing as her frame expanded outwards. She grabbed her head in embarrassment, noticing the other parents at the park staring at her tattered clothing. 

“Please, someone hel- URRGHH!” she grunted as a surge of mass continued to grow her body. Her nerves were all firing as she felt pounds of muscle growing beneath her skin, hardening her body and ripping her clothes even more. She looked down in panic as her breasts began to swell, tripling in size from just a few minutes ago. She blushed as she watched her cleavage engorge, her nipples hardening as they grew to match her new bust size. 

Realizing that she was about to lose her clothing entirely, she ran and tried to hide under one of the playsets before she exposed herself to a park full of parents and children. Derrick followed his mom, just as confused as she was, and tried to comfort her as she hunched under the wooden playset. She was so much bigger now, both in muscle and height. She must’ve been nearly 8 feet tall now! 

“Don’t worry, mom! I’ll call 911! We’ll fix this…” he trailed off as he watched his mother’s skin beginning to change color. She stood up and looked down at her son, afraid of what was happening to her and ashamed that he had to see her nude like this. Her tattered clothing slipped off her as she stood, revealing a blue hue spreading across her skin. Derrick looked up at his massive mother, disgusted by her giant breasts and throbbing vagina, and wondered what to do. She continued to grow as her skin changed, her head pressing up against the top of the playset now. She screamed in desperation at her son to run, afraid of what she was becoming. 

“Get out of here, Derrick! I’m becoming a monster! I don’t want to hurt y- OOOOHHHH!”

Derrick could only watch in horror as his mom burst through the playset, the screams of the other park goers becoming drowned out by his mother’s deepening bellows. She grew even faster now, surpassing the height of the surrounding buildings as her muscles tensed and swelled. Her screams grew deep and feral, like something out of a Godzilla movie, as her teeth began to sharpen. She stumbled around, knocking into buildings and flattening cars as she struggled to adjust to her new proportions. Her skin had turned completely blue, to the point where she looked more like an alien invader than something that was ever human. 

“Noooooo…I don’t want to be a monsterrrrr…” she whimpered, her powerful new vocal chords shattering windows with every word. She screamed as she felt her teeth finish sharpening into rows of blade-like fangs. She dug her new claws into her head as another pain began to build beneath her scalp. Onlookers watched in awe as the giant blue monster woman bumped into skyscraper after skyscraper, groaning as two horns sprouted out of her skull. 

Her horns grew long and sharp, matching the new tone of her alien skin. She felt her mind buzzing with new information as the horns transmitted signals from across the cosmos. She was learning so much in so little time, and her brain had grown so large that it was easy to ingest it all. Her human mind began to take a backseat, being pushed aside to make room for her new knowledge and purpose. She clenched her eyes and opened her mouth, her drool falling like rain onto the city below, as her mind adapted to her new form. She was here to dominate and terrify the humans, to remind them that there are powers beyond their comprehension amongst the stars. 

“Derrick…I’m…sorr- OORRHHHHH!!!” the monster screamed as she gave in to her violent new desires. 

Derrick looked up with the crowds of confused people as the giant monster lady that used to be his mother let out a bellowing roar. Her claws dug into the streets as her tail whipped chunks out of buildings. Her eyes were glowing red as she curled her lips into a terrifying smirk. She loved her new power, reveling in the ease with which she could decimate an entire city. She truly did make a great monster, and she didn’t think anything on this planet could stop her. The governments of the world had planned for an attack like this, though, and they were about to turn her son into her greatest foe. 

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  1. I’m admittedly not a huge fan of AI art. However, I am a fan of giantess captions, as they’re much rarer than just plain TG. Especially a fan of giantess moms, or the combination in the second part of giantess, TG, and AP.

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