The Great Kaiju Battle – Part 2 (TF TG AP)

“Sir. It’s happening. The first invader has arrived.” A high ranking military official said solemnly as he pulled up a video feed of the blue monster that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. “We’ve already put together a response, but need your approval,” he motioned to the screen, now showing a live feed of the terrified Derrick watching his mother turned monster destroy the city. 

“He’s just a kid!” the general screamed. “We have no other options?”

“Sir, he’s the only one who didn’t run away from the area, and our satellites already have a lock on him. He’s our best chance.”

“Goddamnit. Alright…initiate Project Savior and ready the media team in case anyone starts asking questions. God save us all.”

Derrick looked up in horror as his mother wreaked havoc across their city. He had stupidly wished for kaijus to be real, but not like this. The tears in his eyes blurred his vision, obscuring the satellite that was beginning to move into position above him until it was too late. He barely noticed the energy beam shoot down from the sky, bathing him in an experimental radiation that immediately began to rewrite his DNA. 

He stumbled back as his body began to heat up. He was already confused by the transformation he’d just witnessed in his mother, and there was no chance of his understanding what was about to happen to him. He looked down as his viewpoint began to rise, his height increasing by the second as his bones grew strong and mature. His shirt rose to reveal a hardening midriff as his legs cracked, elongating and tearing his jeans as they went. He began to sweat as he thought about becoming a monster like his mom.

He continued to grow, but there was something more concerning to him than his increasing height. He grabbed his chest as it began to tingle, his fingers meeting a pair of soft, supple breasts sprouting beneath his tightening shirt. His mind raced at the sensitivity of his new chest, but the strange sensations were just beginning for the terrified boy. 

He squealed in a feminizing voice as his new breasts burst outward, tearing his shirt as they grew. He shifted his weight uncomfortably as hips widened with a loud crack, accentuating the curviness of his maturing body. His thighs began to swell, putting pressure on his boyhood as they tore his jeans even more. He wanted to call for help, but everyone else had already run away from the park.

He threw his arms up in shock as he watched his new boobs continue to grow, shredding his shirt as his hardening nipples felt the cool park breeze. His new cleavage obscured the view of his lower half, but he could feel himself still growing taller by the second. His lengthening hair began to tickle the back of his neck as his muscles began to tighten. A flash of his mother’s exposed vagina suddenly popped into his head as he felt a heat building between his legs, causing even more dread to enter his mind.

With a sudden spasm of all his muscles, he felt his body harden into an athletic powerhouse. The curves of his new muscles only accentuated how feminine he’d become, and the flexibility of his changing body made it easy for him to perform any physical feat. He clenched his teeth as his new pelvic muscles twitched, hardening and tightening as his boyhood began to recede. He reached down and felt his quivering new sex through the remnants of his pants, horrified by the thought of being a girl. Everything felt so sensitive now, and it took all his restraint to not plunge his fingers deep into the new pussy between his legs. He didn’t understand why this was happening to him, or why it was beginning to feel kind of good, but he knew that he just wanted life to go back to the way it was 15 minutes ago. 

Sadly, life would never go back for Derrick or his mother. They were a part of something greater now, and Derrick was witnessing it firsthand. He felt another rush of power through his body as he began to grow, finally shredding the last of his clothes as he began to tower over the park playsets. He braced himself against the roof of a nearby building as he gained height and mass, his footsteps beginning to quake the ground beneath him. His muscles swelled with inhuman power, confusing the boy with feelings of both pleasure and strength. He looked over at his former mother, wondering if he was truly going to become like her. 

With a final surge of height, Derrick shot up to become as tall as the skyscrapers surrounding him. He threw his head back and moaned in a deep, feminine voice as his muscle fibers hardened, strengthening him to the limit of biological power. Part of him was actually enjoying the transformation, the power, the stature, but part of him was petrified. It felt like half a dream, half a nightmare. Finally, he stood eye level with the monster terrorizing the city, but something else was changing within him. 

He screamed as he felt his arms beginning to crack and pop. The skin on his arms began to harden into metal as it felt like a constant electrical current was coursing through his veins. His bones hardened into metal as his joints spasmed and popped, gaining degrees of articulation that a human body could never. He was at a loss for words as the robotics spread up his arms, strengthening them and filling them with weapons tech. 

He moaned again as the circuitry worked its way up his arms and down the rest of his body. It was an indescribable sensation to have his flesh and blood harden into metal and wires, but it wasn’t entirely unpleasant. His voice began to gain a robotic flare as his diaphragm was transformed, his moans echoing up and down the city streets. He felt like he was…improving as his tendons and muscle fibers turned into experimental materials that would allow him to accomplish the impossible. He quivered as he felt his abs separating into separate mechanical compartments, each housing important tech to help him accomplish whatever his mission was. 

His skin was almost entirely metal now, and it was beginning to turn a metallic shade of red. He didn’t know if he was doing this, but he knew that his favorite mecha was a red gundam wing, and he was looking more like his favorite robot by the second. His new joints and articulation points felt alien, but empowering. He could feel the circuitry working its way up his spinal cord, giving him knowledge and control over his mechanized new body. He could feel every little gear turning in his new compartments, his new weapon systems readying themselves for a fight. Finally, he felt his sensitive, bouncy chest beginning to harden.

 The transformation of his new sexual organs sent orgasmic sparks flying across his mind. The laser precise pleasure points of his new body were even more intoxicating than the female organs he’d developed just a few minutes ago. He blushed and moaned as his clit was covered with armor, his mind calibrating to the new amounts of ecstasy he could experience. His sensitive breasts hardened, his nipples and mammary glands being replaced with protective plates and processors. The machinery crawled up his neck, shielding it from any damage and upgrading his vocal chords to be able to speak any discovered language in the known galaxy. He knew his transformation was nearly complete, but as the new knowledge flooded his mind, and the mechanized pleasures wracked his body, he began to embrace his new role as a battle mecha.

He sighed in exhaustion as the final steps of the transformation took place. He felt a helmet forming around his head as his face began to harden. His eyes became state of the art visual sensors beneath his eyelids as his brain organized itself into a matrix. Part of him was still Derrick, and it would miss his simple old life, but he soon began to understand why this had happened to him. The full details of Project Savior were uploaded into his mind, and he accepted his new responsibility. His…her new life as D-137 was about to begin, and she was the only thing standing between the human race and the countless alien empires that want Earth for themselves. She didn’t realize it at first, but this truly was D-137’s dream come true. Kaiju were real now, and so was she. 

The robotic guardian approached her former mother turned kaiju, eager for a fight. Her weapons systems whirred to life as the kaiju grinned, baring her intimidating rows of fangs. The battle for humanity’s fate started here, but it would last for centuries. The First Kaiju and The First Savior were destined to meet in battle again and again. Observers would say that it seemed the two enjoyed fighting each other, always itching to battle with one another again. It’s almost as if the two had a past life together.