The Silver Necklace (TG AP)

“Daddy, daddy! Look what I found!” Matt yelled as he ran down the supermarket aisle towards his father. The kid waved his arms excitedly, pointing to a new silver necklace around his neck. “It was just lying on the shelf in the cereal section!”

“Oh, buddy, that probably belongs to someone. We should take it to the lost & found desk before we leave.”

Matt pouted as the words came out of his father’s mouth. “No way! Finder’s keeper’s! Whoever lost it should pay more attention to their stuff.”

“Matt, that’s not very thoughtful. What if it was a special gift? Wouldn’t you want someone to return your phone if you lost it?”

“Hmph. I guess…” the boy said as his dad turned back towards the shelves to continue shopping. “It’s just so cool…I wish I didn’t have to give it back…” he grumbled as a strange aura pulsed from the jewelry. Matt tried to ignore it at first, but as the seconds passed, he began to feel dizzy and warm. He looked around as his perspective began to shift, his viewpoint heightening until he could see top shelves. He was so focused on keeping his balance and not embarrassing himself in public that he barely noticed his clothes growing too tight and too small for his aging body. “Dad? I feel funny…”

“What’s wrong- oh my god! Matt?!” His father exclaimed, turning around to see his son had seemingly aged into his teens and grown over a foot in height.

“W- why are you looking at me like that?”

“You look like you’re getting older! How is this possible?!” The man stammered as his son’s transformation continued. 

“I don’t know,” Matt said with a tremble. “ I feel so weird, like everything is off balance.” The boy was becoming intensely aware of the drastic changes happening to his body, and he wasn’t exactly enjoying them. He began to grunt in pain as his maturing frame continued to expand, his male adolescent silhouette morphing into a distinctly female shape with each violent crack. His hips widened with a sickening crunch, growing out into peak childbearing proportions and stretching his pants to their limit. His midriff slimmed down as he began to take on an hourglass shape, his shoulders broadening with more skeletal pops as his torso prepared itself to carry new weight. 

“It- agh! It hurts!” He screamed as he felt his spine growing, stretching his torso upwards as it began to curve inwards. With a sudden pop, he thrust his chest forward and tried to balance with his alien new posture. He tried to muffle his increasingly feminine moans as he felt a warmth building in his chest, afraid of what was about to happen. His father watched helplessly as Matt brought his hands up to his chest, beginning to realize but not understand what was happening to his son. The boy’s chest began to expand out into his hands, quickly filling them with warm, supple flesh as his shirt stretched to contain his growing bosom. Matt’s moans grew deeper and more sensual as his breasts continued to inflate, sending strangely pleasurable feelings through his body. It didn’t take long for his breasts to grow too big for his hands, and with another burst of pleasure and sensual moan, they tore open his shirt and jiggled alluringly, the silver pendant of the necklace perfectly framed between his new cleavage. He reluctantly began rubbing the undersides of his new boobs, studden by how good they felt to be caressed. His father watched in stunned silence as his son’s torn shirt began to restitch itself, changing from black to white as it pushed Matt’s massive new breasts together.

“D…daddy…what’s happening to me?!” Matt squeaked as his vocal tones altered into those of a middle aged woman. His father was too stunned to respond, looking around for someone to help but finding the aisle completely empty. Matt’s hair began to tumble down his face, growing wavy and shiny from years of hair care routines. He brought his newly manicured hands up to his head as his facial structure began to crack and shift, losing all resemblance he had to his father as his visage morphed into one of feminine beauty. He winced as he felt two studs materialize in his earlobes, echoes of a memory he shouldn’t have materializing in his mind as he remembered getting them pierced as a young teenager. Makeup caked itself onto his face as his clothes continued to refine themselves, slowly becoming an outfit that a lustful cougar would wear out in public to show off her figure. His tearing pants receded upwards to become a black pair of booty shorts as his ass began to inflate. His boxers shifted beneath his new shorts as his growing ass stretched them out, becoming lace panties before his new proportions could ruin them. He trembled as the soft fabric rubbed against his boyhood, embarrassed to be feeling this aroused in front of his father. He began to bring his hands down from his unrecognizable face, tracing his new feminine curves as he prepared to cover his crotch and hide his hardening member from his dad. With a sudden shift of his insides, he felt his crotch beginning to recede into itself before he could reach it. He involuntarily let out a confused moan as his sex inverted and sent a shockwave of pleasure through his trembling body. The familiar feeling of the junk between his legs was replaced with the alien sensation of a quivering, moistening pair of lips that were aching to be filled. The feeling of his new undergarments rubbing against his new sex was flooding his mind with unwanted desires, causing him to moan in a blur of reluctance and excitement as his youthful innocence was washed away by thoughts and memories of lustful acts.

My crotch?! What’s happennnnn- nooohhhh gaawd, what are these feelings?!” Matt moaned, unwillingly behaving in a way that would drive any man crazy with desire. 

“Matt?! You okay?!” The man asked desperately as he watched his son contend with decades of female sexual experience and pleasure. Matt’s expression was turning less fearful and more indulgent by the second as his mind was bombarded with the hedonistic memories and knowledge of his new body. 

“Daddy…I feel…different…I don’t know why I’m so…mmmmhaaaa…horny… Matt breathed out sensually. He ran a manicured hand through his hair as it continued to grow, rubbing his tits with his free hand and relishing the feelings coursing through his body. His new ovaries pumped decades worth of estrogen through his blood as the slightest signs of age appeared on him until he was a ripe 43 years of age. His clothes matured with him, turning into expensive designer wear that all women wish their husbands bought for them. His teeth grew into a perfectly white smile as his tongue flicked around his mouth, memories of kissing and sucking dick equally influencing his oral skills. His eyes fluttered as a lifetime of sexual experience filled the gaps in his aging brain, unlocking a sense of pleasure he’d never felt or could hope to feel as a boy. Cravings for dick began to overwrite his childish desires, like toys and video games. He was becoming so much more…someone with money, sex appeal, and power. More jewelry began to adorn his matronly frame until his accessories were worth more than the bank accounts of most people. Memories of his family morphed into memories of a new family…a husband who worked in banking, and two kids attending the most prestigious school in the county. His new life was so intoxicating that he barely wanted to hold on to his old one as Matt. He wanted to go home…to fuck his husband. He wanted to pick his kids up from school. He wanted to be the rich, curvy MILF that this necklace belonged to.

“Matt?! Son! We’ll fix this…we’ll…” his dad trailed off as his son’s face curled into the unmistakable expression of orgasmic pleasure. 

“Ohhhhh daddy, I’m sooohhh- sorry, but I just feel so much better now…” the once young boy moaned. “I…I’m a wife…I’m a mother…I am…mohhh- OOOHHH- MOLLY!” 

The man recoiled at the new woman’s explosively alluring moans, still struggling to understand how the buxom beauty standing before him was once his son. She opened her eyes and looked seductively at the man staring at her, her lips curling into a smirk as she watched the blood rushing from his face into his cock. She knew she had this effect on men, but still enjoyed watching it happen. She took a step closer to the man as a ludicrously expensive purse materialized in her hand, pushing her chest out as she watched his eyes trace her exquisite body. Her memories of once being a young boy, and the son of the man staring at her, had already begun to feel like a half-remembered dream. She watched the man nervously struggle to find words to say to her and found it cute, but decided she had to get back to her family and couldn’t tease her little plaything all day. 

“Don’t you know it’s rude to stare? Hah, don’t worry about it. I get that look a lot from men. You seem…familiar…and kinda cute, but unfortunately, I have to get back to my family. Maybe in another life you could’ve been my sugar daddy…”  

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