Showing Your Team Spirit (TG AP Sequence)

Matt couldn’t believe he’d actually won tickets to the big game. This was his first real football game outside of his high school team games, and he was having a blast. Sadly, he was pretty far from the field and couldn’t really see what was going on. He would do anything to get onto the sidelines, but he didn’t have the money for that. Suddenly, one of the football team managers appeared next to him and tapped him on the shoulder, as if he could read his mind. 

“Hey kid, you wanna get up close and personal with the team? Follow me.”

Matt ran down the stairs behind the wealthy looking man and right onto the field. He was amazed at the view from the field and the scale of the stadium. So many people looking down at him it actually made him kind of nervous. 

“Like the view? Well, you’re gonna love being part of the cheer squad. Those girls get more love than some of the players, and sometimes love some of the players,” he said with a chuckle. Before he could explain what he meant by “joining the cheer squad” the young boy felt a rush of energy surge through his body. He was going to be closer to the games than anyone else, and it was about to be his job to get the fans and players excited in more ways than one.

Madison adapted to her new life pretty quickly. She loved teaching young girls how to dance and cheer, and she always felt inspired when they looked up to her like she used to look up to the hunky football players. Now that she’s the head cheer captain though, she looks up at those beefy footballers for a very different reason…