Strong Like Daddy (TG AP Sequence)

Tried to make a sequence with multiple people, but boy is it hard to get those parameters right. I ended up just using the secondary characters for context. Maybe it’ll be better next time.


“I wanna be strong like you, daddy!” Jason said as his father gave him big, muscular hug. He wanted to spend his whole life with his dad, not just the weekends, and he really wanted to workout in his garage gym, but his dad said he just wasn’t old or strong enough yet. 

“Someday we’ll workout together, I promise, champ.”

“I wish we could workout now! I wish I was old and strong like you!” 

“Hah! And I wish I had a girlfriend.”

Neither of them could’ve known what their innocent wishes would bring, but something in the universe decided to solve both of their problems that day…

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  1. Great one ! Wishing a similar story, but maybe woth no a muscular girl and a nsfw picture at the end of the two ?:)

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