Dinner Date (TG AP) – Paycomic Preview

“Dave’s girlfriend dumped him right before their fancy dinner reservation. Not wanting to waste the reservation, Dave invites his girlfriend’s little brother, Mitch. Mitch likes being friends with Dave and wishes he was still dating his older sister, but by the end of this dinner date, Mitch will see Dave in a whole new light…”

Purchase Here: alwaysolder.gumroad.com/l/mvkc…

So yeah, trying out paycomics because I was part of a big round of recent layoffs. I’m still planning on doing mostly free content, but all upcoming paycomics will be 20+ panels and very NSFW (to the point I couldn’t host them on DA or my blog). All feedback is welcome, including those that want to deride me for monetizing these sequences because I honestly get it. I just didn’t want to ask for donations, and I hope these sequences are good enough for the price. 

3 Replies to “Dinner Date (TG AP) – Paycomic Preview”

  1. Are you still planning on covering a wide range of content? A lot of your comics hit many buttons I personally like but sometimes money tends to drive people in certain directions.

    Thanks for the content.

    1. Yep! I love exploring new genres and subjects. Any future paycomics I do will likely be more traditional TG/AP that I’ve been known for (but longer and more detailed) but I plan on posting all of my shorter, more experimental content for free. I’ll still be uploading normal TG stuff as well and don’t want more than 5-10% of my work to be paid 😉

  2. If you want to do pay comics go ahead but you should consider the incentive to be early viewing rather than full exclusivity

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