Maid to Serve (Maid TG AP Story)

Danny was a messy adolescent, constantly leaving a mess in his wake. His room was one thing, but when his clutter began to make its way through the rest of the house, parents grew impatient. One Saturday afternoon, after Danny’s father tripped on another pile of dirty clothes, his patience finally ran out. He called his son into the living room and began to scold the boy.

“Danny, this is the last straw. You will cleanup your goddamn mess today, or I’m taking away your phone for a month!” His father said with audible frustration.

“C’mon, dad! It’s not that bad. Why don’t you just hire a maid to clean this up? All my friends’ families have cleaning ladies.” Danny said, sounding like a spoiled brat.

“Danny, this is your mess. I’m not paying someone to clean up what YOU should be cleaning to begin with!”

“But dad-”

“Enough! Your mother and I are going to go run some errands, and when we get back this place had better be spotless.”

“Ugh…I don’t-”

“And if it’s not, no phone for a month!”

Danny grumbled as he heard his parents’ car start. He looked around the living room and pouted at all of his clutter laying around. 

“This sucks. I wish we just had a maid to clean this up…” he mumbled. As the words left his lips, he felt a strange sensation wash over him. He looked down and noticed that his skin seemed smoother and softer than it was moments ago. He rubbed the creamy skin on his forearms in curiosity before he felt a tingling sensation beginning to spread. The feeling grew more intense as it seeped into his skin before turning into a building pressure deep beneath his muscles. He winced as his body began to crack and shift, growing outward and upward with each passing second. Danny began to panic as he watched his parents drive away through the front window, yelling out for help as his body painfully matured.

More pops from his growing frame echoed through the house, mixing with his grunts of pain and panic. 

“W- agh! What’s happening to me?!” He squealed as he watched his clothes tighten around his growing body. He looked down as his core tightened into an athletic midriff, faint outlines of well maintained abs beginning to show through his stretching skin. His hips widened with another loud crack, tightening his jeans even more and throwing him off balance. He grabbed his head in terror as his viewpoint grew further from the ground, his growing spine elongating his torso by a few inches. His scalp began to itch as he felt his hair softening and growing between his fingers, drooping down into his field of vision as his legs stretched to match his new proportions. His breathing grew heavy as he felt the tingling sensations centralize in his chest. He grew confused by tiny pangs of pleasure coming from his pecs, not realizing that his nipples were widening and growing more sensitive beneath his tightening shirt. He began to sweat as his mind raced from the intensifying sensations spreading across his body, looking down at his chest just in time to watch it begin to grow.

“This…this can’t be happening! S- someone help m- OOOHHHH!” He was cutoff by his own moans as his chest began to inflate. His voice was growing deeper as his diaphragm matured, but it was taking on a distinctly feminine tone. His moans turned to nervous panting as he watched his growing chest stretch out his already tight shirt, growing ever more confused by the sensations of his budding breasts rubbing against the fabric. A seam appeared in his shirt, growing rapidly to reveal his new cleavage. His lengthening hair continued to tumble down past his eyes, tickling the back of his neck as it took on a fruity, feminine scent. The weight on his chest increased by the second as he nervously watched his bust size increase. More tears began to appear along the fabric as his growing breasts stretched his shirt to its limit. He was terrified of what was happening to him, but as his chest continued to fill out, he felt a growing desire to be touched there. His breasts felt so supple and sensitive, but the young boy’s mind was struggling to contend with the hormones beginning to swirl through his bloodstream.

“B- boobs?! Why am I growing boobs??? I don’t- nnuhhh- I don’t wanna be a g- GGGHAAA!” He moaned as his voice feminized and matured. He thrust his chest forward as his spine cracked inwards, leaving him with a new center of gravity. His breasts exploded outwards, shredding his shirt in the process. His perfect new tits hung freely, sending more confusing sensations through the boy’s body as his nipples hardened against the cool air. 

Ohhhh ggooddd…why does this feel so…good?” He whimpered, trying to resist the intensifying pleasures coming from his changing body. He tried to take deep breaths and calm himself, but the feeling of his chest bouncing up and down only made him feel hotter. He grabbed his hips as he felt his organs beginning to slide around, gurgling noises coming from his midriff as his guts readied themselves for more changes. He could feel a warmth coming from within, just above his crotch, as a new womb began to form. His reproductive system was in the process of a full conversion, but all he could feel were the sensations of his nerve endings beginning to rewire themselves. 

P- please…I don’t wanna be a girl…I…ahhh…ahhhhhh…”

Nnnnaahhhhhhhhhhh!” he moaned as his sex began to invert. Wave after wave of alien pleasure surged through his trembling body as his balls retracted up into his abdomen, shifting into their new place as ovaries and pumping even more estrogen through his quivering boy. He felt his shaft invert into a fleshy canal that led right to his new womb, the moist walls of which were being coated in new nerve endings. He squealed as he felt the last of his manhood shrink into a bundle of nerves and settle at the tip of his dripping new sex, forming his new clitoris that was already aching to be stimulated. He grabbed his head as he struggled to understand the new desires of his feminine organs, barely noticing his tattered clothes beginning to restitch themselves.

W- what are these feelings?! Why do I- nnahhh- want to be…filled? Oh god…why can’t I stop thinking of hot guys putting their hands all over me? Ngh- no! I’m a boy! I shouldn’t be picturing this…but it’s making me so wet!” He said to himself, reluctantly quivering at the new thoughts and desires entering his mind. He closed his eyes and ran his fingers through his silky hair as his shirt restitched itself into a frilly bra. Straps tightened around his shoulders as his jeans sprouted matching white frills. He moaned as his boxers tightened into a cute pair of panties as the wind blowing between his new skirt made his knees tremble. The orgasmic sensations surged through his body like lightning as memories of a different life grew more vivid. Puberty, boys, love, sex, adulthood. Taking a job as a maid to pay for his own apartment…fucking clients for extra cash. His life as Danny felt like it was being washed away by the ecstasy flooding his brain…and he was beginning to like it.

I…I’m…Dann…Da…Danielle…and I want to please Mr. Carter…” he moaned as he remembered his father yelling at him mere minutes ago. This memory, however, didn’t make him irritated. It made him wet. 

With an orgasmic moan, Danny gave into his new life as Danielle and opened a flood of new memories about his…her former father. She’d had a crush on the older man ever since she started cleaning for them, and she knew he pined for her based on the looks he always gave her. She knew cleaning wasn’t the most glamorous job, but she made good money, especially after fucking her rich clients. What she really loved, though, was the way these older men stared at her. She was a submissive little slut, and she loved it. She had always been a neat person, so it made sense for her to clean for a living, but she’d never expected such amazing sex to come out of this profession. 

Danielle let out a sigh as she came down from her rapturous high and tightened her maid uniform, taking in the mess around the house. She got right to work cleaning, and by the time her clients got home, the house was spotless. She gave Mr. Carter a smirk and a wave as he walked in and noted the man trying to hide his erection from his wife. As Mrs. Carter went into the kitchen to begin putting groceries away, Danielle walked over to Mr. Carter and whispered into his ear.

Oh, Mr. Carter, I hope I’m performing to your…satisfaction. If you ever need me to…rub down anything else, just give me a call. You have my number…” she cooed lustfully. She subtly rubbed his crotch as she made her way to the door, grinning at how red she’d made the man. She’d barely left the porch when she got a text from Mr. Carter that read: NEXT TUESDAY. WIFE WILL BE ON BUSINESS TRIP. NEED CLEANING.

Tuesday came and the two wasted no time. The man tore Danielle’s maid outfit off and threw her onto the couch. His dick was rock hard, and Danielle felt herself get wet at just the sight of his throbbing cock. She mounted him and went right to work, screaming and moaning as she felt him fill up her new sex. Her massive tits bounced up and down as she rode her client, nearly hypnotizing the man with her beauty. By the time they were finished, she was covered him cum and was happily licking it off herself. The two laid there and basked in the afterglow, giggling as they traced each other’s bodies. Finally, Danielle stood up to get washed up.

Oh, Mr. Carter! You’re so messy…but I bet you’re glad you hired a maid to clean this place up before your wife gets home…”